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  1. Hello, I'm looking to engage contractor for these services at Chai Chee, corridor 3-room HDB. 1) Tilt the main-door and frame for small degree (8 degree) 2) Install /mount blind or shade at the corridor, in front of main door. Anyone can advise contractor for this? And is HDB approval required for (1) and (2)?
  2. Obviously, power socket from China is not suitable in Singapore. But how about light switch? I don't see any technical restrictions since we using 220-240V. But is there regulatory restriction to use in Singapore? There are so many nice ones there.Example 1.
  3. I am also still looking for jade mountain. Anyone has recommendation?
  4. It's a sashimi knife .. I guess it's not very common for people. Maybe you can be the first to give feedback
  5. Unfortunately, that is only the impression. The knife that comes with bolster/tang might be actually stronger than the forged knife. http://www.cookingforengineers.com/article/130/Knife-Parts
  6. Try this place http://www.razorsharp.com.sg/ for sharpening. Or, it's good if you go there before you buy your knives, they have very good range of knives
  7. And the rod is not sharpening rod, it's steeling rod. The purpose of the rod is to realign the edges of the knife, it will not sharpen it. To sharpen, u need whetstones or other devices. Everyone have their own choice, I find that having just 2 knives make it easier, specially they are much sharper. In any case, whatever knives u buy, u can bring it to professional to sharpen them. Off-the-shelf knives are not sharpened to optimum at all.
  8. I would recommend against buying the whole set of knives as u rarely use them. You can get most jobs done with 2 knives, chef's knife and paring knife. Buy a good quality ones (higher ranger), either from Zwilling. You also can buy the Miyabi range from them, http://www2.zwilling.com/en-US/News-Events--news/Chapter--kapitel/MIYABI-Knives--2664.html. Just 2 knives will do. I tried WMF knives before and don't like the handling.
  9. Do you have any wish-list for the new-born or anything? otherwise, I might bring along some geeky stuff ps: use my gmail email do
  10. SCV points is needed for starhub ... and in future, all contents have to be broadcasted equally to all providers. Compare the cost of adding extra SCV point with the trouble u have to gone thru if u have to add this point few years later. (need to run cables, etc.)
  11. Wow ... what if you try unraid? the cost might be the same.
  12. After seeing your post, I think I should just go for Synology ... Feel have quite enough of geekiness in work to do another round of it at home.
  13. Exactly, I still remember where you live. And I know I can't run away from this event if I want to ... :D BTW, I assume it's Baby First Month not Babies, unless you have twins? :D
  14. Let me join for your baby first month celebration too
  15. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1131904/1/.html "Then there are all kinds of HDB rules that prevent them from renting. The rules are not frivolous. "The problem HDB faces is that they are just short of rental flats. It's quite clear in my mind -- we need to ramp up the building of rental flats as quickly as we can. Not just by a few thousands; actually we need to (increase) by tens of thousands. And the earlier the better." To say that HDB should not be for rental ...