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  1. I've read you like to build NAS and networking. May I have your expert advise on building a NAS and a setting up a good Cat6 based home networking. Do you personally render any services along these line?

  2. Amazon are selling it for around US$500 so S$630 would not be unexpected over here. Reviews have been positive for an entry level set-up and you can always upgrade the amp,, speakers or both in future if you wish. RB
  3. Sentosa Spa and Resort. Fairly sure it was my wife though not closing the door fully . Np RB
  4. I turn away and suddenly there is 30 new posts. I can see why. Master of suspense has revealed himself (there is creaky noise, we get fright, I slowly walk forward to investigate, This is a nice tree, It was the floor) . The only realistic option if not using carpentry is to put some trunking on the wall and paint it to blend in or put some wallpaper over it and have it as a feature. Make sure all the cables that can be connected to the TV are connected and run through the trunking even if you are not using them as you may want to in the future and it avoids you having to open the trunking again. We had a self opening room door when we stayed at Sentosa late at night with the kids asleep. Just opened by itself and then the chain stopped it. I suspect my wife didn't close it properly . I also keep catching movement out of the corner of my eye at home when sitting watching a movie after everyone has gone to sleep. I suspect it is only the light and shadows reflecting off the wall downstairs as people walk along the corridor which I cannot see from my seat. RB RB
  5. The standard set-up would have the rears moved forwards so they are rear sides and then the extra two speakers go behind you. Take a look at the link to the Dolby website I put in the previous post and they have diagrams for the speaker placement depending on how many speakers you have. Having 4 speakers for the rear and rear sides I believe is better than having two for the rears and having an extra two for the fronts. The reason for this is that some movies do have a 7.1 soundtrack and the extra 2 speakers are expected to be to the rear. RB
  6. You have copper, iron or stainless steel pipes for water ? If you have copper or stainless Steel then the iron / rust taste is more likely to come from the blocks storage tank. Depends on which floor you are on as to whether your apartment are direct from the mains or via a tank though. Pipe replacement within your apartment will require a plumber. Outside, ie. the blocks water tank, will require you to talk to HDB. RB
  7. Congrats on finally being able to move in. RB
  8. Will be difficult for them to use drills to fix the aircon brackets and fancoils to the walls without power . RB
  9. Yeah, mine is fairly wavey and when let loose can tend to resemble a human RB
  10. I have had two sets installed by Gain City over the last 5 years with no issues on wither set that had been detected. Think it is just an unlucky case. Yep you can pour water directly in to the faincoil to test for pipe leakage. When I took my Mit HI fancoil apart, the electrics were on the side by the on button, the rest was just piping, the heat exchanger (lots of metal fins), the rotary fan and a water tray and drainage pipe. Condensation forms on the fins as the warm air is cooled and drips down in to the bottom water tray and then away through the drainage pipe. Pouring water directly on to the heat exchanger is just a more 'intense' version of that. Pouring water straight in to the drainage water tray is the same. Should be no issue to the fancoil if the piping is done correctly and as long as the electrics are kept dry. RB
  11. Talk a look at the HDB website for resale statistics and get a feel for the price of EMs in your block / areas selling price. If it has been and still is going up then maybe holding on to it may be prudent. If prices are falling then selling may be a better option. Check out the prices of units in the area you want to stay at and see if your likely resale price will cover your expenses plus money for a reno if that is what you would like to do. If you believe the Gvmt that prices are coming down then sell but if you check the resale price stats and see the prices have not been affected by the Gvmts 'cooling measures' then it really is up to you. With new units being built there is a possibility of prices going down at some point but with a great location close to the MRT and a unit that is no longer built and is quite highly sought after it may be better to hold on to it. Of course the moral majority may suggest you should downgrade so a bigger family could upgrade and make more efficient use of the apartment especially as there is a shortage of housing currently in Singapore. You pays your money and take your chance. No looking back and no regrets . RB
  12. The Onkyo 609 is a 7.2 channel amp so you can have upto 7 surround sound speakers and two subwoofers if you wish too. The amp should be able to tell how many speakers you have attached so if you are using a 5.1 speaker set-up the amp should adjust for it. 7.1 surround is still fairly rare at the moment but if you are doing a reno then I would at least lay the cable for 7 surround speakers and you could always add a couple more at a later date. The only slight issue between 5.1 and 7.1 is that for the best results the speakers need to be placed in slightly different positions which is pretty difficult if you are putting in a permanent wiring solution. Take a look at the speaker placement guide at the dolby web site here (checkout the speaker guide). Bottom line is that you will not miss out on much today but better to future proof if you have the chance. Buy all speakers in one hit today of save the last two for a later date also can . RB
  13. I should hope so as you bought them . RB
  14. Haha, maybe I should run training courses at the weekend . Sure, just ask and I am sure I can provide some suggestions. RB
  15. Unfortunately public transport and office environments are fantastic for spreading viruses. I tend to make sure, as much as possible, to stand and face away from coughing, sniffing people and use the antiseptic hand wash when in the office. Money can also be a good source of contamination as well. Our best wishes go out to you and your family during this time of sadness. I blame, at least in part, the 3D drawings that are produced as they tend to skew the perspective and give the impression of there being more than enough space for the biggest of items. This is where the online space planning programs can help but it is difficult to do this if you are in a shop and see the 'must have, oh it is so gorgeous' bit of furniture. Call the gas people and they may be able to help you although they may well charge you for it. Hope your back feels better, did anyone find out why your discs were misaligned and suggest anything that can be done to stop it happening again ? RB