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  1. woah! you have a gd camera and the scenery is breath-taking... the pictures look great and of coz, you look great too!
  2. Updates! (25 Jul 2011) Housewarming party (cont) The projector works much better with the curtains down... or at night... in the day... its performance is ermmm... not very gd, esp in ECO-mode... Playing "Just Dance 2!" on the Wii... the kids love it... i think it's a gd work-out game... really can sweat quite a bit... now maybe i need a Kinect too. Garden at the balcony Our balcony is "bustling" with green, after much unwanted "donations" from parents from both sides... but at least, there's some green ard now... MBR table went to IKEA last weekend to get a table for the MBR, as we can't stand having all our stuff lying ard & no proper tv console... The stupid IKEA table which almost took me the whole of last night to fix. My back is aching now. Wife doesn't want a full-size work desk in the MBR. Will get another proper working table for the guestroom/study. For now, I'll work at the dining area (with no aircon). My temp work area My temp work area for now. Bleahz.
  3. Updates! (25 Jul 2011) Housewarming party Dad decided to "help" me throw a housewarming party and invited some relatives over... Sis tried making some cake + cupcake muffins with my oven... tasted pretty alright...
  4. Updates! (25 July 2011) Projector + HTS finally arranged for KEC guy to come down to install the projector (EPSON TW3600) + HTS (Q Acoustics 1000 series) + Onkyo 708 AVR... changed the rear surround speakers to white in-ceiling speakers instead for less clutter... "woody" speakers and tv console... now i just need a blu-ray player and lots of discs... LOL... Arco Lamp Replica The monster-sized Arco Lamp replica is up! It's too big and "crowded" for the living room. So it's now the centerpiece for the dining room. Not too bad.
  5. Updates! (25 Jul 2011) Woah! been a long time since i've last updated... We have shifted in to our new place abt 2-3 weeks back... and here are some pics of after the shift-in... let's start with the home-cooked dinner... Dinner 1 First home-cooked dinner at our new place! Fried luncheon meat + xiao bai cai with oyster sauce + fried eggs with onions. A commendable effort, considering the fact that both of us never really cook previously and the dishes were actually edible. Dinner 2 2nd homecooked dinner. Baked beans with luncheon meat (the half-can left over from the first dinner), and soup (anchovies, fishballs, Chinese cabbage?, enoki mushrooms, chinese tofu). Bloated. Dinner 3 3rd homecooked dinner with some leftovers from the lunch. Fried rice with eggs, sausages, carrot bits. Slightly on the salty side. Need to have better understanding of the condiments used. Some pan-fried salmon and roasted duck leftovers. Baked potato wedges Wife trying out the new Bosch oven... Baked potato wedges with some spice powder and herb flakes on it. Not too bad.
  6. U r right. Tried it on google translate. http://translate.google.com/#en|zh-CN|maisonette
  7. ur living m tv 55" ah? How much? Very big wor... I also no tv feature wall... I'll copy ur idea for cable management if possible. LOL
  8. Wah! So scary! What does it look like? And what prevented it from doing harm to u and ur mum? Last night, me and wife went to my parents' place to see my grandama (they just fetched her out from at ard 10pm, after our last min shopping for toilet rolls and what's not... As she went to sleep early, we stayed awhile and happened to watch incredible tales on ch8... And then we had to walk home ard 11pm... Think my new place really very quiet at night.... Sometimes, at night, I also scared to look down from the windows to the sch downstairs... I scared I see things I'm not supposed to see in one of the classrooms... Given my "active" imagination, I seldom watch horror/ghost movies... My wife also doesn't want to watch with me (if it's showing on tv) coz I prob scared her with my "jumpiness" than the horror movie... LOL
  9. I also heard noises. I guess it's from contraction of materials... But the noise seems to come from above. I wonder if it's the material for the cove lighting L-box, or the metal structure within it.
  10. I think I got similar experience for my first night sleep-over at my new place... Think wait for u to complete ur story, then see if the observations and theories match or not.
  11. Updates!(Day 91 - 3 Jul 2011) Dining area The walnut and black glass-top table - which is part of the Cellini home package, with 4 dining chairs. I would have preferred the legs of the chairs to be wooden, instead of steel though. the length is abt 1.7m personally, i prefer an extendable table, but my wife is skeptical abt the built and durability of such tables. maybe this is a gd size. at least when placed in the mid of the dining area, it doesn't feel like it's going to block the main entrance or the staircase landing, and the people sitting ard it, should have sufficient sitting space. BUT black glass top is very hard to maintain. the fingerprints and smudges are super obvious. *faint* View of the living rm from the dining area. and the lone standing fan to cool the entire level 1. i think i'll need at least 1 more standing fan here. 1 for the dining area & kitchen. 1 for the living rm. a close-up look at the living rm. no prize for guessing where's my fav seat. i like to sit at the bean bag... and look at the clear blue sky with some mist of cloud floating by... and enjoy the breeze from the balcony... the balcony can do with more "green"... will be looking at getting some "bigger" potted plants for the balcony... it seems a little empty now... the choice of floor tiles for the balcony was bad... it was those rough type... it traps dust like mad... no matter, how i clean it, it still feel dusty and dirty... i'm likely to DIY and overlay wooden deck tiles from IKEA... at least for the mid-section, where people will be walking more frequently. the dining area and living room only have day curtains for now, as the fabric for the night curtains are not ready yet... MBR our MBR sports a very cool neutral look from the walls, to the bedframe to the curtains, to the "dark and small" toilet... we'll have to "brighten" up the place with more colourful or light-coloured accessories and bedsheets... but I must say, it's very conducive for sleepin, esp with the dark grey (>80%) black-out night curtains. and yes, the king-sized bedframe with storage drawers underneath it, is the last piece in our Cellini home package. like i've mentioned earlier, we opted for king-size and was hoping that it will be alright, however, it was based on the mattress dimensions... the actual bedframe was much bigger, and we did not factor in space for the curtains earlier too... hence now, there is no space on the side near the window to have a small bedside table. and we barely have sufficient walking space in front of the sliding wardrobe. the only consolation? we have a king-sized bed lor... my wife would have gone for a divan-style kind... if we had the choice. no pics of the other side of the rm, as it's still quite messy with some boxes which are waiting to be unpacked, and my 27" TV monitor is resting precariously on 2 stacked boxes... we'll need a small tv console or table to place the TV soon...
  12. Updates!(Day 91 - 3 Jul 2011) Living Room My living room is probably the only area which closely matches when I've initially set out to do for the place - that's the modern resort theme - with all the wooden balcony doors, wood & white fabric sofa, and walnut tv console... the sofa from the Cellini home package - which I quite like for the look - but it's super bulky (made the living rm look cramped) and not very nice to sit on... the cushions are very firm... and lucky us, the bean bag we gotten from Cellini (the colour could not be selected and is totally random), we got some quite beigey and fits into the look... though i would have preferred somethin darker, like mocha or so... but at least it's better than dirty yellow or slimy green... and that's the white marble base for my Arco lamp replica (which i have yet to fix up)... will do so after the projector is up... the tv console on the left - which we added on to our Cellini home package so as to get a matching tv console. we quite like the built and look of it. the projector screen is not installed yet... and we haven't gotten ourselves a TV for the living rm... was initially thinking of wall mounting the TV... may consider just placing it on the TV console next time... looking at getting a 46" Samsung LED TV (hopefully <$1.5K)... let's see how much the prices drop by the next IT/PC show in Sep. anyway, i foresee cable management to be a headache.
  13. Updates!(Day 91 - 3 Jul 2011) Kitchen View from the dining area View from the kitchen windows all the electrical appliances are finally in place... cleaning up the kitchen was really a pain-in-the-a$$... the insides of the cabinets and drawers were all dusty, so are the exteriors, and also the tiled walls... and I felt the carpenters did a pretty sloppy job installing the chimney hood would have preferred the electrical cables for the chimney to be concealed properly... or at least inside some trunking... oh well... the gas pipe issue was sort of resolved, by "clipping" the flexi-hose to the back of the wall... (will take a pic of it, if i remember tonight) the dangling white rope on the 2nd pic, is for the pulley-type laundry system. and the bottle of CIF on the counter - that's like the ultimate stain buster - a must-have in all household, i feel. and we managed to get a pull-out spray kitchen tap! (online from ebay!) which was within the height limit, due to the dish-drainer above it... it was something like 53-cm... the one we actually wanted was ard 71-cm... our Electrolux washing machine. my wife has already given it a test run... she seems pleased with the results. I'm still quite clueless abt all the functions. need to read the instruction manual, i guess. our Hitachi fridge. due to the low sewage pipe just above it, the clearance on the top was very little (~ 5cm or so)... according to the instruction manual, it's best to be at least 30cm clearance from the top, 10 cm from the back, and 5 cm on each side... if not the cooling might not be optimal... and may affect the lifespan of the product... currently, nothing inside, except for some bottled drinks... i guess only, after we've lived in for a while and actually, start cooking, we can then find out how "functional" the layout of this kitchen... one thing for sure though, the bottom cabinet space (which the microwave oven is seated on) is pretty much wasted space, due to ermmm... "poor" design consideration on our part...