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  1. thanks, June, i just wrote to REACH. Before that i was writing the feedbacks on the police website, and guess what, they only allow 200 characters with spacing! So short, how to complain? Think that website really suits their image! same kind.
  2. I called up the ah long, since i suspect the CID will just sit on the case and do nothing to help. I told him the new address of the ex-owner, also asked him when he borrowed the $ from him, and was told during the HDB 2nd appointment that time, the ex-owner went to borrow the $. I pasted a lot of posters on my windows and wall, telling people the new address of the ex-owner, i hope the ah long can leave us some peace. The place was $255k, 35k cash over valuation. 4A. Not too cheap, considering it's 20 yr old. I don't think cctv will work, coz even u caught the guy in video, pass to police, they also can't catch the guy. so it's as good as none.
  3. I'm very angry by the attitude of these police officer! I seriously wonder what kind of training the police officers went through..Y so many of them so Bo Chiap!
  4. i think not only ah long sucks... After that incident, someone advised us to make sure that the ex-owner changed his ic address, so that he can't use the ic to borrow $$$ from ah long again. But since the police officier advised me not to confront the ex-owner in person, i went to Bt panjang Neighbourhood police post (Blk 124 Pending road) to ask for help! There was this lady police officer that refused to help, saying that it should be done by CID, not them. She said she as an neighbourhood police officer, got no power to go to the ex-owner's house to ask to check his ic!!! No wonder now there are more and more loan sharks around, coz our Singapore Quality Award winner, the "best home team"? are not helpful! They just sit in air-con police post, wait for people to report a case, then print out the report. (I also ever encounter another police officer at the same police post, very funny, we went there the 1st time when we found a paper under our door saying o$pay$...he asked us if we want to report the case...I don't understand, it's obvious that there's a crime (maybe not serious enough for them to pay attention?)...but the police not interested at all! even ask if i want to file a report...what kind of attitude is that?)
  5. Hi, i bought my resale flat from Mr Ang at Petir rd, he told us he's moving to stay with his parents at blk 142 Petir road #06-286. We received letter from loansharks in March so made police report, but he lied to us saying he lost his ic and a lot of bull****... Today our main door get splashed with paint!!! So I'd like to warn people who want to buy resale flat, don't buy his parents house, coz we've pasted notice outside our house to tell the loanshark his current address already.
  6. Not yet, still left 20% with me. But even if ask for compensation, how much is reasonable? He said the tiler can rectify by applying something to the tiles...tonight i'll go and check again.
  7. Hi, final stage of reno now. But after they cleared away the rubbish and cardboard covering, noticed that some of our living room tiles are damaged (maybe about 8 pieces), despite me kept reminding the contractor to take good care of the existing tiles, coz hard to get the tiles replacement anymore. What should I do now? Compensation? How much is reasonable? Or ask to redo all floor tiles? Very upset...coz might have to live with this imperfection...
  8. We thought of that before too...but those w/o ballast will get hot faster, and burnt out faster. So actually it'll cause more pollution since those bulbs will use some toxic inside. It's easy for consumer, but bad for environment... There's also disadvantage of using the one we bought, not only ex, but also the bulbs are 4 pins kind, not easily can buy from ntuc etc... But the titling part, the boss shown us in the store, also mounted, still can work. And to remove the entire unit, also quite easy, just push the curved metal part.
  9. I've checked the PUB website, minimum requirement for water pipe is Stainless steel Alloy grade 304...which is what the contractor is using also (X5CRNI18-10), so can't get him to replace, only can ask him to pain over...Just thought this info will be helpful to others.
  10. We shifted our bedroom door slightly by 200mm, cost is $380, hack, new door frame + new door. But if u not changing floor tiles, then make sure u got extra existing tiles to replace those affected. Hope this info is helpful to u. Happy reno-ing. =)
  11. Few weeks after we changed the waterpipes to so call "stainless steel" pipes, noticed that they start to change into rusty color, surface still smooth, but color is obviously not the same silver anymore. When we ask the plumber, he said PUB standard is cannot use 100% pure stainless steel? I wonder is this true or he's just using sub-stardard pipes. Thank u.
  12. He gave 4 blum runners only, used for large drawers already...he said the rest will be also better runners (but not blum lah, since blum more ex). Just curious how to tell what is good quality runner and what is not. Thanks for the info
  13. Hi, my contractor promised to use 4 blum drawer runners for my cabinet & use better runners (lower quality than blum) for the rest of the runners...but i tested out this morning, those that r not blum, don't have soft-closing, a bit shakey. When i asked him, he said it's already better runner liao. Should i insist that he change them all? Can anyone pls advise...is it really better runners as shown in pic. Thanks.
  14. Ya loh, u got it for $18 extra on elect ballast? Haha...u r better at bargaining than me.
  15. Supply & install 4 nos. veneer doors c/w lock sets for store & 3 bedrooms( $1,120 ) This is what i paid for...haiz, should insist on seeing a sample before i aggree to it. Coz earlier went to another ID, they quoted veneer door ro be more expensive than the usual classic door, so we thought this is a good bargain for veneer door when we saw this price. But very disappointed. It's even more hollow & light weight than the usual HDB standard door...
  16. Meanwhile need to check where i can find silver & yellow wrought iron grilles...so at least i know how the wrought iron grilles will look like. Instead of get con into accepting something sub-standard.
  17. Hi, thanks for the advices so far. Ya, I just told my contractor to ask send them back to factory to re-do. He said will ask the factory to provide a sample first, if happy, then redo accordingly. My grilles supposed to be all silver, with yellow flowers. But they got it wrong, become all silver with gold color mixed together. After they repaint the yellow flowers with brush, I looked at that, really thick & doesn't look like new one... So better reject now and ask them redo...if not gotta face it daily...everytimes i see, will be unhappy. Haiz~ think i'll be blacklisted by contractor liao.
  18. Hi, doing my reno now. While i was oversea, the wrought iron grilles people came and install the main gate + window grilles, but the color was wrong. Should I ask them to tear down and redo or just accept my contractor's proposal, let them do a paint over with the right color? I have a feeling the thick paint will be ugly, and will wear and tear more easily compared to the original kind of coating. But the contractor tell me it'll be about the same & better coz double coat. Any advise? Thanks. The veneer doors that are installed are also very light & hollow, can anyone advice is veneer door = hollow door? Or my contractor "swap" it with cheaper doors? Thank u!
  19. $60 with the high frequency electronic ballast...
  20. Haha...1st time posting pic, hope it works. =p Btw, the ballast they will need to change to HEP Tech one...the one in picture is not changed yet. Hope it helps. Think if u free, maybe can go down to AF lighting during weekends, and ask for the demo so u can have clearer picture. =)
  21. We bought for $60 each at AF lighting, balestier road...$20 for the ballast, $40 for the housing & bulbs. Look for the boss...he can show u the demo. But i heard he's only there during weekends.
  22. we bought our electronic ballast downlight at one of the shop in balestier (AF lighting). Got 2 yr warranty for the ballast. =) More expensive than the usual ones...hopefully it can last us a while. Good service from the boss.
  23. We bought our downlights finally. Downlights with High frequency ballast. Very expensive, compared to normal downlights, but we love the part that it's more cooling compared to the usual ballast. Got 2 yrs warranty for the EEI-A2 rated ballast from the shop too. My friend told me, if u don't want electronic ballast, can go for low loss magnetic ballast... Remember to ask if the downlight cables & connector are fire-resistance...i saw the demo for china-made cable & connector, catches fire easily. Think not safe.
  24. Hi, thought of getting downlights with electronic ballast, the high frequency type, with EEI-A2 rating. But was quite surprise most of the shops at balestier don't sell...any1 got any good lobang for this? and do u know how much is it? thank u!
  25. went there to shop for lights today, the downlights are cheap, but quality so-so...mostly made in china. At first i also thought, maybe just get the cheap ones, but after seeing a demo at another lighting shop, i think maybe i shouldn't go for low quality lights, coz it might be a fire hazzard if the lights get heated up...just my opinion lah. now need to search where to find downlights with electronic ballast...with EEI-A2 rating kind...any1 knows of any shop that sell this type of downlights? Thanks.