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  1. hey bro, any idea where i can get the carbon filters suitable for mitsubishi electric air con? thank you
  2. Hi Bro, thank you for your reply. My air-con is only 3 months old..its the mitsubishi electric which i just got for my new place.. Do i need to service it so fast? But when i look at the drainage pipe that leads to the toilet, water is dripping leh..so i dun think that the pipe is blocked.. what do u think?
  3. Hi all, the air con blower of one of my rooms is giving out a mouldy smell each time when we on it..but the smell only come out when we just on it..then the smell is blew off. It happens everytime we switch it on. Then my hubby took down the whole cover and realised that the water that condenses is collecting on the tray and some did not flow down the pipe., maybe bcos the angle of the fan coil unit was not titled towards the pipe. So we suspect that it is the water that collects there which gives off the mouldy smell. But we do not understand how could mould grow on the plastic tray with nothing to feed on. The other 2 units in the other rooms are working just fine with the exception of this one in MBR. We have tried putting the 4in1 dehumidifier inside the room but to no avail. We cant stand the awful smell, given that we on the unit everynight. Does anyone has a solution to my problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi Jandg, your main door catch, where did u get it? Cos my new HDB flat didn't come w any magnetic door catch so now I m currently using the rubber door stopper..the Main door is given by the HDB...Btw do u know if I can put the bearing onto my original door? TIA
  5. hi ripples.. $70k includes furniture and deco stuff?
  6. hmm..then those previously signed with Inzen and in charge by Roy how? Is it going still to be finish by Roy or have they been taken charge by th eother IDs at Inzen? jus curious..
  7. Dear all, I have used autosol on my black homo tile trying to remove a deep scratch.... Last time, my contactor tried autosol on a scratch tile too, and he removed the tiny scratch. This time, i tried on a bigger scratched tile and not only it did not remove the scratch completely, that part in contact with the autosol is blurred. It seems to be irreversible and seems that that layer on the tile is removed by the autosol. So now, my black homo tile has a 8cm blurred mark on it...sigh.. heart pain Anyone has any idea how to rectify the problem. Replacing the tile might b a prob bcos that tile is directly below a full height mirror... Million tks to anyone who can help...
  8. Dear all, i bot an 40"LED Tv and had bot an extendable TV arm bracket so that I can pull up the TV and turn it to turn the angle of the Tv. But bcos there is an recess area, we box up the whole wall using solid plywood to fill up the 'hole' since we also wanted to install full height mirror at 1 part of the wall. Then the contractor's workers who came with my TV and bracket saw my wood wall said that cannot mount on wood cos the brackets itself is 10++kg plus the 40" LED TV of 15kg, if we pull the TV in and out , soon it will drop!!! Earlier before we ordered the bracket, the boss said mount on wood no prob but now the workers said otherwise. And they even want us to sign a form that states they are not to be responsible for any damages in future. The boss said that they buy insurance to cover all mounting jobs but now the workers said that the insurance only cover mounting on concrete wall. Now have to wait for the boss to come back from holiday b4 the worker can do anything. sigh anyone can advise? Can I check also if my TV come with FOC wall mount installation by samsung, then will they mount their standard (non-extendable) bracket on my wooden wall? thank you
  9. Hi Sloution provider, the black tiles with speckles CHTP-QT/6001JL... cos when i wanted homo tiles, the saleperson showed me the selection and i like this black since the other black is plain black. TIA
  10. Hi guys, can anyone advise me if homogenous tiles the same as porcelain tiles? Cos recently i ordered my black flooring tiles from HU* K***G, then when the tiles came, The packaging states porcelain tiles.. Are they the same? Thanks
  11. i bot a Joven 25l with energy saving for $255 at Royal Fanco (Jalan Besar)..you can call Henry , I believe he can advise you.
  12. I am not sure cos i haven go to S&C yet..but should be bah..
  13. yup black one...transparent clear is even cheaper 288 only also w wheels
  14. I think this pic is taken from pinkpetter's blog bah...she got it from AMK S&C.. last week i went to IFC, saw something similar pretty compact... comes with wheels...from Univonna $340
  15. Hi All Do new flats still need to pay for haulage, my ID quote me ard $800. I tot new flats dun need to pay haulage fee one, even thou got some minimal hacking? Anyone know?