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  1. Have a original Kartell Bourgie Lamp (White/Gold Interior) for sale @ $450. The white/ gold interior and silver are considered as limited edition series thus its more pricey as compared to the other colur like crystal, smoke etc. Don't know how to upload photo so if you want the photo please Whatapps @ 97623312. Cheers and thanks for viewing.
  2. Have a used replica Noguchi Coffer Table that comes with very thick 19mm tempered glass top with black cocoa (walnut) wood base. Condition : 9/10. Selling @ $190. Buyer to make arrangement for own transportation of item. Whatapps 97623312 for photo or if you are interested in item. Thanks
  3. Hi Ivy, Is it possible for you to send me the list of good and bad FSM please? lost22_can@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. Bought 2 mattress and a TV console from them about a month ago. Sale person confirmed got ready stock and can deliver on the dates that I requested for. True to their words, mattress and TV console (separate delivery dates) were delivered on time and they will call about an hour before delivery to confirm that you are around to receive the goods. First time getting stuffs from them and dun have much to comment about their after sales services.
  5. Currently using Fuji System 4 Inverter and my advise is to change if you can because the repair cost will be enough to pay for 1/3 the price of the new aircon system. 3 yr - Fan Bearing changed $300 5 1/2 yr - Change 1 valve $270 5 1/2 yr - After changing valve found that circuit board spoilt $350. Advise from the aircon man who repaired my unit....if you ur usage of aircon is only to ON one or max 2 at the same time then dun buy the inverter kind as the savings on the electricity will not cover the repair cost if the inverter unit breaks down....and inverter unit tend to break down more easily as every thing is controlled by electronics.
  6. Was looking for a Super Single Bedframe and a coffee table (Noguchi Coffee table - Reproduction) so try my luck at S&C today. Both husband and wife very helpful and patience, there was a lot of ppl when I reach there and both were not available to serve me but they offered me a seat and passed me a few catalogue to go thru..... Had no problem choosing the super single bedframe....price v reasonable. Was looking thru the catalogue for the Noguchi Coffee table and found a few replica but all of them can tell the diff from the real one with one look ($200 - $300). Nearly gave up...in the end the lady boss pass me 2 latest catalogue (both were for designer furniture reproduction) and guess what, I found the piece that I was looking for...95% like the real thing (except no engraved signature at the side of glass top). Mervin immediately call the Mainland factory to confirm the dimensions and material used. In the end he decided to take a risk to bring in the item (supplier need min order of 5 pieces) even though this is his first time doing business with this supplier. The price is really v gd...other shop selling close to $700.....but Mervin charge me slightly under $500. Hehe....for those who are interested in the coffee table can go down and check with Mervin. Maybe he can offer you a slightly better price than what he gave me. Only thing is that must wait until end june before the shipment come in.
  7. Anyone know of any shop selling chemical that Contractor used for chemical cleaning of stubborn stain? Toilet and kitchen wall and floor tiles very dirty so want to clean them up. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.