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  1. most kitchen accessories shops like those at jalan besar/balestier has it.. i got mine (i think 25l) for $285.
  2. i didn't hack all the wall tiles of the previous owner's kitchen, chose to plaster over it instead.. spent abt $1100 to plaster kitchen & living room.
  3. I've installed Jovan for my new house too. Not staying in yet. Tried to see how long it will take to have warm water yday. I turn on the tap <5mins after switching on the heater, warm water is available already. So fingers crossed that it will not problems in future. Though the cylinder doesn't look to glam in the toilet.
  4. I bought all my lights from lightings.com.sg
  5. People around me telling me to do the higher than each other positioning for better luck but no one can explain. Thanks felixwong though it's quite chim. hmmm.. most kitchen tops nowadays are fixed with 1 pc solid top right? Will need to discuss with contractor if he has any ideas to position the stove higher than the sink.
  6. Anyone heard of this before? Some elders told me i should get my contractor to fix one of the section higher than the other...
  7. saj

    Lg Tv

    Went to PC Show today and saw this full HD LCD model (42" LF20FR) selling at $1249. LG plasma going at $899 (without free gifts) & $1399 (with free gifts > a pair of Transformer movie tickets & either a 22" LCD TV or a home theatre set).. But the plasma set is only HD ready... Anyone has any comment or know if this price is worth getting these 2 sets?
  8. Hi guys, as it's our first time dealing with renovation... we need some advice on some portions of the quotations.. - to supply labor & material to construct high pressure laminated wood with door for dustbin area with solid cabinet top - $450 - to supply labor & material to install adjustable toilet window for common & master toilet ventilator window (purchase own ventilator) - $550 - to supply labor & material to box-up 1 sewage pipe for lighting use at master toilet with light holder. (top area only) - $150.00 - to supply labor & material to box-up 2 sewage pipe for lighting use at common toilet with waterproofing board c/w tiles finishes. (full length) - $500 - to supply labor & material to install 3 lever door lock & stopper. - $135.00 Appreciate some advice. TIA!
  9. Thank i agree abt the service quality nowadays..keke....k thanks,, will call up and check
  10. Hi hello 88, May i know which no. did you call to check? I think my flat is going to be affected with lift upgrading, so i want to check if i need to change and what kind of door ... Thanks!
  11. Hi gal, Can I have the contact of your contractor too? Thanks! Saj