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  1. jcwp

    Lg Tv

    Thanks. I have scarlet as well.. Very pretty tv. But tink wont be getting scarlet.. Well.. How long did ut TV last before it require a "doctor"? As i understand, only harvey norman has the extened warranty. Any other places. hmm.. Somehow juz feel the LCD/Plasma TV is not as "lasting" as CRT. Technology improves too fast. Guess nothing to do brands .. right?
  2. Hi Would like to find out if LG TV are good? Thinking to buy LG as the price are within our budget and the picture quality seems like good. Any users of LG with any comments or recommendations?
  3. Will recommend my ID-Darren from PLush Living. Find him very honest and professional. I am also doing bare minimum for my house and he is still very helpful. From the few meetings we had with him, he is always sharing alot of ideas and information. Really a very experienced guy. He is very also professional and only recommend what is required.
  4. when you get an ID.. Most impt you must be comfortable with him/her. In this forum, you can see alot of postive/negative reviews abt an ID firm. But all eventually on depends on the ID who is serving you. If you like his/her design and price is right, then you can decide if you want to go for it.. Take a look abt their workmanship as compare to their inital 3D design if you are worried. Maybe you can really find the "rare gem"..
  5. For Plush Living.. Can take a look at this site http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19630 I have sign-up with them. Find them very honest and professional. Will be getting my keys in June before reno start. Din go to the other 3 which you mention, so cant comment on them.
  6. it depends on how much work you wish to do and the material to use. would recommend Plush living. Very honest and experience. Will help to evaluate to determine what is necessary and what is just something extra for people who have the spare cash.
  7. Would like to recommend my ID - Darren from Plush Living as well. Although I have not start my reno but the quote he has given is pretty good. He is very experience and professional in his service. He will only recommend the work to be done and help to save cost when work is not required. Saw his artwork. Pretty well done-up. Very impressed. I have sign-up with him.
  8. jcwp

    Storeage Bed

    Wah ... storage under the sofa... You must have alot of things to store.. hee .. but having storage under sofa is also a very good idea.. Did u custom made ur sofa or buy off the shelve?
  9. jcwp

    Storeage Bed

    haha... storage bed is good to store all the extra pillows and bedsheets.. might still consider getting a storage bed ... Will need to discuss further with hb and ID.
  10. I have gotten a few quotes from a few IDs. Cost for feature wall is around 1.2 to 1.8K. Is this consider the normal range? What are the things I will need to look out for ? Cost for TV console ranges from 600 to 800. Would anyone bargain with the IDs on the price quoted? haa ... how to avoid be "chop like cabbage"..
  11. jcwp

    Storeage Bed

    http://www.lillian-too.com/news_mmailmar308.php refer to the very last post. it did mention that storage bed are no good.. But alot of ppl are having storage bed..
  12. Hey all.. Thinking if i should reno my condo when it TOP in June. What are the bare minimum i should do? What would be the rough estimate for a condo reno.
  13. Is having a storage bed a bad fengshui? storage bed are so popular nowadays as the flats are getting smaller. But i read on the forum that storeage bed are bad because the "qi" cannot flow. Is it true? how to overcome this?