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  1. Cheapest Quote i get was from LeGrilles $7.8 psf for 5yrs warranty. $6.8 psf for 3 yrs warranty. Highest quote i got is $22 psf before GST.
  2. Just signed up allure evorich HERF from expo today at $6.25 Psf Think this is the best rate from evorich direct
  3. Can you advise what is the material of the black shelves? How was it installed? Thanks.
  4. me also almost paid for much higher price for that big bowl, just that dun have ready stock for me to hand carry (need urgently for my ID to install it) I even ask the boss to confirm if the price he quoted was correct anot.
  5. Carysil big bowl granite sink for $250 is cheap?? Cheap is less than $200 for the 610Length Got mine for $191.53 and someone got it at $195 http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/65539-finally-a-place-to-call-our-house/?p=861272 Mine purchased from Bath-zone Just an advice if the shop sell something cheap it doesn't mean all his items are cheap.
  6. My payment term is 10% confirmation of this contract - 40% commencement of work - 40% Upon load up of carpentry work - 10% within 7 days after completion of work -
  7. For the L shaped cupboard had your contractor show u and confirm the layout? If not just insist you do not want it. What is your payment term? Usually 80% is when carpentry is starting to be install at ur home already
  8. I got the same sink. How much u pay for the sink? Going to under mount?
  9. I convert my living room phone line to digital phone line too, so should be able to connect my phone in living room area. Haven't try out but it should work
  10. Ya own contractor confirm cheaper but doesn't mean the quality will be good. With ID they can advise you like color, help you coordinate and in some way ensure quality. Speaking this cause recently I got a bad experience with a contractor. Cheap but the work they did suxs and feedback they will claim is "like that one". As I still have some outstanding work (deposit paid) , will only expose this contractor after all my work is completed