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  1. Hi nick who will install your new storage heater ? Your contractor? We are having issues with our mistral instant heater too.
  2. Hi everyone WE bought mistral instant heater and after 6 months there is no hot water and the heater light d0es not turn on even though we switched it on. Is this a product problem or our electrician problem? Any solutions or suggestions please? We get hit water maybe once after turning on and off the tap ;(
  3. Hi hi where did you get the dog painting and dog stool link from pls. Tq!
  4. It's dust we have it too but easily cleaned off with wet cloth and vacuum.
  5. I think with the mosaic tiles you chose even when the white wears off it will be ok...gives it a more rustic feel.
  6. Where's the sofa from btw?
  7. Hi all! Been so busy cleaning and mopping . We have one neighbourly issue now in the past 2 months this never happened but recently our neighbour has taken to putting their laundry to hang outside our door corridor! We are the corner unit near the stairs whilst this neighbour is diagonally across us to the right. Already they plant a whole row of chilli plants while we walk to our house and I understand they have no space for their clothes. But when we open our door we see their dripping clothes and inner garments! And just the other day we were cleaning two of the ladies were openly hanging their clothes without even saying sorry to us ...is it because we have not moved in? Wife is already **** fe up and planning to buy extra big plants. She chose that unit so we can have our own garden and privacy . My query is, we can tell them to not do so anymore right? I know we don't own the corridor but its basic courtesy to not do such things. Will we face any rebuttal from them? Sigh....
  8. Thank you so much! Will definitely do as you recommend
  9. Hi You mentioned in earlier post that it was difficult to put in the tv cables and speaker cable behind the feature wall and to pull it out from the side. I am having my tv installed in a weeks time and we have a hole drilled in the middle of our tv wall and an opening at the bottom, contractor recommended tying the wires and plugs together and sort of suspending it slowly down behind the wall and pull from bottom the plug heads, did you do this way as well or have an alternative suggestion?
  10. Ocean bro so the gate and gate lock is 1500? I don't need for wooden door...looking at your gate I think it's solid enough.
  11. How much for you gate and gate digital lock set?
  12. For ours we redid 2 toilets, kitchen and 2 bedrooms + floorings there. Hacked one wall to combine rooms. We have wiw and study, shoe rack, toilet vanityx2 side tables in mbr and feature tv wall that set us back 37 k we using le grand switches whole house. What is your theme? 75k is for very elaborate and designed work...
  13. yes wife is reading like a dragon breathing down my neck. Always say I am being very boring just post pictures with no narration HAHAHAHA. Ok I have had some queries on fortytwo. com and my items were delivered yesterday so I am in good place to review: Customer service is top notch, last month I just added items into my cart and didn't check out, evening time the customer service rep emailed me to see if I was keen to enquire more about these items etc. *gentle sales tactic that I approve of* I chose the option to ignore her email of course la! So I bought the items last week, they smsed me the delivery time and called 10 mins prior to coming. All was good until I realised my door stopper ( yes that's my wife's purchase) came in white instead of gray. I called the guy back he was very apologetic and evening time their sales rep called asking me if they return my delivery fee can I keep the white item. I said of course not, my floor is white whats the point of white dove door stopper I cannot see the pattern of the dove! She said ok they will deliver tonight at 830pm. Instead the guy came at 10pm, still okay since my wife house is just across our new place. He was very sorry as usual and still had to continue his rounds of delivery. Sorted! Other items: Mirror, looks **** stylo but upon closer look, the paint on the frame was on the mirror as well! Wife had to use pen knife to scrap off. As Chinese saying goes, you get what you pay for. Overall still ok la! We will rate it 4/5 One bad review: HOE KEE. goodness the amount of missing parts in their items is so bad. We didn't get the toilet roll holder bracket, toilet seat screw and tap brackets. Contractor has to keep whatsapping them to follow up on delivery. Advice you guys to check everything when delivered especially the bracket and screws. Big hiccups when we want to fix items!