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  1. Hi guojiawen, We bought a Whirlpool air purifier from Courts a few weeks ago, the model is AP628W. We got that due to the CASE test report which reflected this model as the highest performing one... and the price looks ok for our budget too. Perhaps you can consider, just sharing . And in other news, we are also moving this Sunday! Movers and all coming over to our current place to shift all our boxes and other items over.... haha so coincidental!
  2. Bar counter area. Hubby and I really wanted a bar counter for our first home so this area which usually people use it as a dining area was converted to the bar counter area. Our dining area now will be the 'study area' which will be directly behind our sofa. Hubby loves this NYC wallpaper, which we took a long time to search for a deliberate over... looks great when the track light shines at it. Yippee! Brick wall with black tinted mirror for dining area. Loving the dining lights! The black white white stripes wall is the bombshelter cover-up... Our walk-in-wardrobe in Bedroom 2, next to Master bedroom. We did not hack down any walls so to enter the WIW will require us to enter the room as it is. Notice there is a small area left behind the walk-in-wardrobe, that area will be converted to a little play area for the hubby's gaming time on his PS4. Another view of the walk-in-wardrobe. It's like a U-shaped WIW. Our dining set, coffee table, and sofa have since been delivered and placed in the house. And immediately the spacious feel of the house becomes history! With and without furniture really makes a lot of difference... This Saturday, the curtains & blinds will be installed... washer, dryer, fridge and wine chiller will be delivered... storage bed and mattress for MBR will be delivered. After this, our house will look more or less complete... and then it will be time for the actual moving-in!! Time really flies!
  3. thanks... but not sure why my ID did general cleaning twice and also an external cleaning company came to clean our place, this white marks still remain all over the vinyl flooring... Zzzz
  4. Hi guys, Latest update - we have completed our renovation and are now in the stage of cleaning up the place and getting furniture in! Hopefully we will be able to move in completely by end of Sept! We are facing a headache now though... we did vinyl flooring and now the flooring is having all these white patches of not sure what. It looks like dust from reno works... how did you guys manage to clean up your vinyl flooring properly after renovation is done? We employed a cleaning company to clean our house for us but looks like the vinyl flooring is still facing these white patches. Our ID claim that it's just dust from reno works and take a few more cleaning before it can be completely removed. Thoughts and help anyone??
  5. I also wanted to share this pic - a fabricated trouser rack by our carpenter. Hubby searched high and low all over Singapore and could not find the proper measurements required... in the end our carpenter came up with a solution to fabricate it from scratch. The result is very pleasing to us, especially for the hubby because this is his item in the walk-in wardrobe and the MBR wardrobe. thumbs up!
  6. Ok I managed to have some time and handpicked some pics to upload here ... finally able to share some random pics on our tblog here. this is the bombshelter feature wall this is our craftstone brickwall at the supposedly study area which we will now use for dining area. The cemented area is going to be placed with a black tinted mirror... something special instead of a full wall of bricks. this is our living area tv feature wall and tv console as well as a display portion and storage cabinet next to it. This is our grey and green kitchen.... with our Blanco granite sink, off-white quartz countertop as well as our Delizia chimney hood and Bosch hob installed (carpenter will box up the portion on top of the hood later) I simply just love our bright kitchen... the effect of the countertop and our chosen laminates just go so well! As least to us! haha we are so very pleased indeed! Our MBR toilet... with the Baron WC as well as shower screen and rainshower all up. The other side of the MBR toilet consists of our vanity cabinet which is not fully done up yet so no pics there. Our MBR wardrobe... simple and nice just the way I had wanted
  7. Thanks Songz. I guess to each his own la... that's why no 2 homes are the same. Some things look great and is a must-have to one, but is completely unnecessary to others.
  8. Hi trdseal, Oh and we mentioned we wanted 3 types of colours in one downlights - hence they immediately showed us to the made in taiwan downlights. Our downlights allow us to choose from warm white, day light and cool white. Some people find it cumbersome and useless... but we just love having the options! haha
  9. UPDATES: Sorry for the long hiatus guys.... i guess i'm not keeping up with the tblog as frequently as i had wanted. We took many pictures but it's quite a chore to download them from phone to hosting site so i will probably share pics of the completed house in future. Really not much time to do these things here I'm afraid. Anyway, for people who are (still) keen to know about our progress.... We're at 80% completion of our reno. This means only minor carpentry touch-ups, another coat of paint for touching up, glass backsplash for kitchen and customised mirror for dining area and master bedroom dresser are pending. After these are done, we should be looking at the handover soon! How time flies... So far we've been really pleased with the carpentry works too... it's really nice to see a few of our ideas come nicely into fruition. There's been some minor works to be improved here and there but our carpenter and reno supervisor are usually very quick to oblige. This gives me some comfort, at least their standard of quality is aligned with mine so far!
  10. Hi there, sorry for the late response. So far none of the downlights from PE has failed us.... we bought extra but looks like we won't be needing them for a while. Comparing the ones we bought from PE and those that people bought from balestier... it looks exactly the same. So we are happy with what we've got so far. Unfortunately I did not manage to take pics of the downlights when it's switched on.... sorry about that!
  11. Hey guajiawen, nicely done up house! our layout is very similar... and i'm also doing the shoe cabinet divider the way you did. So many things that I can resonate when seeing your design works. I also chose Vincent as the curtain supplier and my living room curtain design is the one you chose for MBR! haha... all the best in the final touch up and wishing you happy handover soon!!
  12. Thanks OceanEleven.... and hope your aircon problem also gets resolved soon. I guess for our case, I wouldn't classify it as a issue from GC... because we really don't know who's speaking the truth here (ID or GC) so I'm not going to be so quick to say GC is at fault here. In other news, GC came back yesterday to install the living area aircon unit after our ID got his tilers to make the adjustment of the false ceiling so that the aircon unit can fit into the space. GC also then offered to solve the problem of the drainage pipe problem which we were more than happy for them to do because it's probably best that we leave all the aircon issues to them to resolve. So wala!! Aircon units all tested and all working fine.... Boy, are we glad that the aircon nightmare is over! But, we realised another issue.... we intend to build a feature wall to cover bomb shelter.... but after the aircon unit in living room is installed, we realised that there is now no more extra space between the aircon unit in living room and the wall of bomb shelter. It is fitted snugly into that space above the walkway area. Our ID failed to take that into consideration and did not inform GC or highlight to us about the need to buffer space there to build the feature wall. So... we'll see how our ID get out of this one and resolve this when we meet on Saturday to discuss installation of lights and bathroom accessories. Really not very pleased with the way our ID is handling our reno at this stage... and progress is still so slow! Arggghhhh.
  13. All has been well for our reno until today..... **** hits the fan. Gain City came back for the 2nd trip to install up the aircon units after the previous trip where they did up the aircon trunking. Bad news all around! We did tiles overlay in our MBR toilet, and they said that our tilers concealed all the openings to the aircon drainage piping when they did the overlay and so they had to do alot of work to get the drainage pipes done up again and likely will ruin some of the tiles. They were reluctant to do that, and said that no proper instructions was communicated to them by our ID when he briefly popped by during the aircon trunking trip. So miscomm #1. Also, for our living area aircon unit, the allowance given by the false ceiling was not wide enough for the aircon to be installed. Gave my ID the exact measurements of the aircon and they didn't even buffer 1-2 inch of allowance, hence not enough space. So gaincity could not finish the installation today of the living area aircon unit until the false ceiling space is rectified. Therefore we need to incur cost to get them to come back for a 3rd trip to install this aircon unit! Another case of one's word against another. ID claimed that Gain City didn't draw the right dimensions of allowance needed, and when asked during aircon trunking trip, Gain city just said to follow the exact length of the wall beam will. So miscomm #2 So got our ID to speak with the Gain city aircon guys and it led to an extremely heated argument.... ID was extremely pissed with Gain City because his stand is that Gain City needs to complete the aircon installation and they can't charge us extra for a 3rd trip since their job is to finish the installation. And ID also claimed that proper instructions were given to Gain City about the drainage piping requirements in MBR toilet but Gain City didn't do it (a case of his words versus theirs since we were not around to witness this convo).... it was just bad la. Our ID was so aggitated that he even used vulgarities on the aircon fella from Gain City... i thought that was really uncalled for by the way. Conclusion: ID said he will get his own aircon contacts to solve the aircon drainage piping problem and will get his workers tomorrow to cut abit off the false ceiling for the living area aircon unit to be installed after that. Gain City will come back again tomorrow to install the living area unit... for a cost. Simply an unpleasant encounter. Who's right who's wrong? What would you guys do? Sigh. Just simply irritated with this mess. Another problem - hubby and I took leave tomorrow as we are doing our overlaying of vinyl floor tiles for bedrooms... and guess what, when we asked the salesman (our contact) for the timing his men will reach our place tomorrow... he told us that he had missed out our appointment is tomorrow and there are no available workers who can work on our place tomorrow! Freakin pissed off la! So much planning for nothing! And now I have to plan for another day and rework my work schedule to accomodate this. I honestly hope this is the end of the nonsense from renovation!!
  14. Hello everyone! Sorry for the hiatus on reno update.... been really busy busy... So as of 11th June, we have commenced our renovation works officially! Aircon trunking is done, kitchen bases, service yard base for washer, shower kerb for both toilets all done! On tiling, our Master bedroom toilet tiles are all nicely doned up as well as our craft stone brick wall! Well, almost... just missing a few more tiles and we should be complete with the tiling works by today/tomorrow. Yippeee yayy! So far it's been going well, and we are happy with how our tiles turned out as well as the workmanship of the tilers. This week, electrical wiring works and false ceiling will be completed as well according to our ID. We also finalised on our carpentry layout and dimensions, as well as laminates. So i suppose the next 2 weeks will be carpentry fabricating time as well. Wanted to share pics but somehow i'm having some problems transferring the pics from hp to pc.... so give me some time yea.