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  1. Hi, Phylux My wife and I have called you at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks regarding the colour of the light kit delivered with the Crestar Icol fans I have bought from you in Aug. I wanted cool white if available, or day white otherwise. The light colour I have received is very warm, and your staff, Jessie, has confirmed that there isn't cool white, so you must have delivered the warm white instead. Each time we called, I was told by your staff they will check and call me back, but so far I have only received a call from you once. I hope you can call me and settle this quickly.
  2. More Updates Right. It's been weeks since the last update. Most of the work are done. Save for a few small hiccups, carpentry will be completed. The ID admitted that carpentry took longer then usual, cause the factory is busy. A lot of people start work after Chinese 7th month, I guess. Hiccup #1 I bought a basin cabinet for common toilet, and a semi-recessed basin for the MBR toilet. The basin cabinet came in 2 pieces, the basin and the cabinet. ID took the wrong basin to measure for the vanity cabinet, and ended up fabricating the vanity much deeper then needed. Because the cabinet is in the corner by the door, she had to chamfer the corners so as not to block the door. At first when she msg me that my basin is 18", so they need to built the cabinet 19" deep, I was like, "huh? the basin got so deep meh?" But didn't cross my mind that she got the wrong one. But anyway the semi recessed basin wouldn't fit, so she has to re-fabricate it. Luckily the table top is not cut yet. Hiccup #2 The carpenter cut the slots on the shoe cabinet door at 45o like I wanted, but did the laminate wrong! He covered the door totally with the laminate. Dotz... like that cut the slot for what? Haiz. Anyway the inside surface is damaged during transport, so need to re-fab. So, just a few pic of what it looks like now. Living room My Dinning room lights. Think I will ask the ID to shift the blue one closer. Master Bedroom. It looks distorted because its a panaroma shot. Kitchen. Granite surface is still not up yet.
  3. The The door is by my ID, and it cost $700+. But there are some small issues wit it I need to discuss with the ID to see if can rectify.
  4. Updates, Finally Ok, I know I have not updated in a while.... A long while. But I'm Back! Anyway, floor, ceiling, and painting are all done. Our choice of colours Study room colour, in case you are wondering what Tracey looks like. I chose this colour, cos I think the laminates are pretty dark already. And I think the blue and grey hues will be more calming. 2nd Bedroom colour, a.k.a. white ice. It's actually a light green. Wife insist on green, says will be good for kids eyes in the future. The living room and MBR are greyish shades of white, so no pics to show. Glass works are also done. Kitchen door, CBR and MBR shower screen. Think I will stick some decals on the kitche door, otherwise it's a bit invisible.Some minor details I'm not too happy about, will have to discuss with the ID.
  5. My personal opinion, no point beyond the initial Wow factor. it is no slimer than a standard multi plug, and thicker after you plug in the connector, unless you get the recessed type, which you need to add in the installation cost. You still can't overload the current, and where are you going to keep the connectors after you pull them out? in the end you will just leave them plugged in all the time. There are only a few places you will need multiple points, like TV console, study, kitchen, etc. If you plan properly and get your contractor/ID to install power points for you, it is neater than the Eubiq. I have spoken to their sales person at a road show in IMM, and it is all the usual sales tactics. "Special promotion, this week only; tell me what price you want; I throw in this and that for you; blah blah blah. This tells me that they are just putting ridiculous mark ups to slash prices and make you think it is a good deal. In the end they are the ones laughing to the bank. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Hi, I looked at the data sheet for the cabinet lights on your website. The lights take DC input, so I will need a driver right? Can I have a quote for 2x1m mono stable lights with the drivers?
  7. Is the sensor switch a light sensor? If so, it won't work if the room is dark right?
  8. Yes, we bought the sofa from S&C. There is no customization for the sofa, the manufacturer offers it in a few colours. S&C is a small neighborhood shop and not much on display. But he can buy from many of the manufacturers that the major retailers buy from, and he usually gives a much lower price. You can do a search on RT for them, they are quite well known. For my sofa it's from a manufacturer called Hin Lim.
  9. 3D (Dusty Delivery Day) Today was a really busy day at my future home. Electrical works started today, as well as installation for AC piping. Once the drilling and hacking starts, it's really dust and chaos everywhere. At the advise of the ID, we arranged all the stuff that needs to be installed delivered today. Mistake. I would advise others to have them delivered earlier, or after the electrical works are done. Anyway, other than lights, fans and AC, I have also had the basin cabinet, common toilet accessories and kitchen sink from Hoe Kee, and Hob and hood from Turbo. We wanted the hood in black colour, but the shop we bought from didn't place the correct order with the agent, so they sent the stainless steel one instead. Agent will have it changed next weekend. I hope they don't forget. Also, as mentioned in my previous post, I realized I ordered cool white instead of daylight white for the down light and study lights. Wondering if I should exchange them? For the colour scheme of my house, will cool white look better? Is daylight less glaring/strainous for the eyes? Suggestions? Electrical works: Well, HDB has run most of your electrical points for you, I must say there isn't a lot to be done, depending on how you are doing you house. As mentioned, I am re-running the tv point in the living room and MBR Air con trunking in MBR. Mostly will be covered up by the cabinet.
  10. Hi folks. Wonder if anyone has done lights inside a sliding door wardrobe with door switch to turn it on when opened. I've seen light sensor switches, but I think it is not ideal cos If I open the wardrobe at night the light won't turn on right? I would thing a contact switch would be better? Anyone knows if i can just buy the kit from sim lim or something? I wanna buy it for the electrician to install, but if there's a simple solution, I don't mind doing it myself. Also, I thought of just putting a LED strip, but the ID says just get T5 tube is better cause can just connect AC. But the LED driver should be pretty small right? Any one with pics can share?
  11. Hi everyone, I just bought all the downlights, but realised I ordered cool white instead of day white, which, I think, is the norm. The more pure white colour, so to speak, Should I go and change them? They won't be installed for a couple of week. My main concern is the study area, I bought cool white LED T5 tubes. Will daylight white be less glaring? Thanks for the advise.
  12. Tiles Part 2 So work started 2 weeks ago, and all tiles have been completed. Managed to drop by a few times after work to take a look, workmanship is pretty good, I must say. But must check if all the tiles are aligned correctly. Pretty neat work, and good attention to details. Big gaps at the edges, but all covered by skirting now. metal strips for joining between 2 different type of tiles How it looks now. Most of it is now covered by cardboard. Need to talk to the ID about how to inspect the tiles...
  13. Hmm, I ordered cool white instead of daylight white for down lights and study table. Will it be good for reading? Should I go back and change?
  14. The The table is 1.4m by about 75cm. That is the max size i can fit in my dinning area. Price is 615 before GST The storage bed is 550 with purchase of mattress i think. We got 100 off for the divan frame without headboard. Not that ex bah.