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  1. Hi............., Now property investment looked less attractive over the next few years because of the lack of capital gain, "although rents are likely to go up if you have a strong hike in people wanting to rent property". Rents were also expected to go up because there were likely to be fewer rental properties around. Competition between renters could see wealthier renters push traditional low-income renters to the margins.
  2. Hi................, It is usually necessary to sell one's home in order to afford a new home. Most people do so when relocating. However, some people choose to rent out their homes instead especially if they plan to return. In some cases, people know that they'll be back in a year or two - possibly when they complete a graduate degree or finish a specific project at work. There are also times when a would-be seller wants to hang on until the market picks up in order to sell at a price deemed acceptable. A more likely scenario lately, however, is that the owner wants to maximize his or her gains and is inclined to hang on while property values continue to soar. Others, like Miller, don't feel confident in changing jobs and want to keep their old home until they're certain they won't be coming back. Whatever the reason, there are important financial issues at play when weighing this decision and it's helpful to have a clear idea what issues come into play.
  3. Hi..............., I Choose a Real Estate Agent by following these steps. 1 Ask for recommendations from people who have just sold a home in your area, or call a local real estate office and speak to the manager; ask the manager to recommend an agent who specializes in your type of property and community. 2 Invite the agent to your home for an introductory meeting. Since you will be spending a lot of time with this person, it's a good idea to establish trust and a solid working relationship early on. 3 Put together an information sheet that lists your home's features and best qualities, especially those that people might otherwise overlook. Give this to the agent, who can use the information to write an attractive listing to help sell your home. 4 Ask the agent how he or she would establish a price and promote your home. 5 If you are unsatisfied with the agent's plan or personality, graciously thank the agent for taking the time to meet with you, and repeat the process with another agent. 6 If you are happy with the agent, make a commitment to yourself to stick with him or her; it can be time-consuming to jump from agent to agent.
  4. Actually, it bottoms down to individuals, not the company. This also happens virtually to every company. There's sure bound to have the black sheep around. Even lecturers & lawyers can commit crimes too.