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  1. I used this company called hotseat to do up for my dinning chairs last year. So far so good. Their price is the best I could find and workmanship is good too. I choose synthetic leather and it should be lasting. Nowadays, I would avoid china made PU, and it is used in all china furnitures His email is adrianwong@hotseat.com.sg Just for your information, I intended to do for my computer chair and dinner chairs last year. But the cost for upholstery on computer chair is near to $200. Some company even quote me $300 to $500 So in the end I only did for dinning chairs and gave the old computer chair to Hotseat. I then bought a computer chair with fabric and net backing
  2. Hi annasha03, I can see your quotation is quite reasonable. Can PM me your electrician's contact? Any info/review on his past works?
  3. I used the contractor on the 1st post A-Class for my in-law house. Cost $850 including overlay tiles for whole toilet. I did not see what they do but the outcome was done very nicely. Tile for selection is nice too. My in-laws are satisfied. Btw, the uncle took 3 days to complete.
  4. Hi, Anyone used Hot' Seat furnishing before. How is their service and workmanship? Their sales Adrian came to my house to quote for doing up my dining chairs. He is friendly and gave me some good advice. The quote is reasonable and most likely I am going to use his service.
  5. Their delivery was ok. They were late for 1+ hours but still ok considering it was CNY peak season. The sofa was well covered from factory and they only unpack the cover at your house to make sure no scratches. Try to call them to confirm the delivery 2 to 3 days ahead and remember to leave your hp contact. Should not have much hip-cup since they only sell ready stock in SG. Unless yours is pre-order then u should concern on the shipping
  6. Well, they are listed company in HK and should be trustworthy. The sofa I bought was the lowest range but I think it is well built and it is super heavy. The salesman is also very nice and not pushy at all, I got 2 cushions during the CNY offer. Yup, their colour are quite limited, guess is one model one colour. I think they mass produce and sold worldwide, which I think is the reason why they can provide good quality product with low price tag.
  7. I think PVC will not peel easily.. should be PU. If you feel the material, if it is very soft, then it is PU. PVC is harder and thicker, it will crack but not peel. China made furniture like to use PU, and most seahorse furniture are made in China. I will only get their mattress and not other
  8. What is the material? PU or PVC or real leather? If PU, forget it. Previously I bought a bed frame from them, the PU peeled within 1.5 years. No warranty and have to buy new. Waste of money and time and environmental unfriendly..
  9. Our delivery suppose to be 2-4pm but they came late about 6pm. Was told CNY season very busy. They should improve the communication at least inform me they will be late and what time they coming. Other than the small hiccup, overall still no complain. The sofa recliner structure and cow hide leather quality is good. For $999 price, it is value for money. Do note recliner sofa is quite huge, I would think it is on comfort more than good looking.
  10. Before you go to Cheers, do take note that you cannot choose colour for a certain model. Most model only have one colour, so you choose whatever you see on the display. I just bought one 3 seater recliner @ $999 from their flag shop Midview City in Sin Ming. A nice salesman Cliff attended to me. Delivery supposedly on 10 Jan but their delivery team mixed up and postponed to today. Wait to see the outcome.
  11. Do you have smaller size for this fan? Can you pm me the price? Can you provide installation cost too?
  12. Bonded leather is a definite NO NO for me. They are extremely not durable will almost definitely peel in less than 2 years. You will find waste of money in long term. If you are looking for real leather, make sure they write down Cow Hide leather on the receipt. For artificial leather, PU is even worst. They will peel after 1 one year. Most China made furniture used PU because it is cheap although feel good. I had bad experience with Seahorse PU Bed frame.
  13. Steam Iron -- Clothing not straight at all. In the end I bought a conventional iron. Scooba -- Troublesome to use. Noisy and take long time to clean Battery spoilt just after a few months.
  14. is it natural latex? If it is, then should be better cos it provide better ventilation thus more cooling
  15. the lack of review on this brand is because it is our sg market for less than 2 years.. But most of other brands like simmons, sealy, serta are way overprice!! 50% of the cost goes in the advertisement. eg I bought serta which was selling quite cheap 3 years back, and after they do major marketing and advertising, the price shoot up a lot. If i am too choose again now, Nightingale will be better choice in term of value. Test the mattress yourself and just choose the one you like, diff ppl diff liking