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  1. The ceiling fan remote receiver unit is damaged when the light bulb blow. Quite funny actually.
  2. Ha... One good news and One bad news. I will give you the bad news first. Your model is exactly my model. My is white yours is black. The good news is I bought Five and only one is having problem, so your chance is theoretically 20% likelihood of facing problem. Originally, I wanted to get fanco fans but went to shop and kena "recomended" this best selling brand. So I pay a "special" price for these five fans. Only weeks later I found out JB also selling exactly the same fan, about same price but in reggit. So with my sad story, I think you can be quite assured that you will not be as bad a situation as me. Cheers
  3. Don't think it is the bulb. The bulb I get quite ok. Should be a lame excuse for sub-quality product. Maybe next time can have LED light blub.
  4. The Fan has been repaired. The service man told me one of the light bulb blow, shortcircuited the remote control unit in the fan. And says that it might happen again in the future as the remote unit is not reliable. Find it rather ridiculous that a light bulb will blow a remote control unit in the fan. Shouldn't the remote control unit design able to handle a bulb blow? Any one out there have a lobang for reliable fan remote for fan? Think I will be facing another of this problem again in the very near future.
  5. Thanks for the opinion. Till now, they have not called. Don't think they will. I will call on Monday to make sure they stick to their appointment. Will give them a chance, before condemning them for good. Cheers
  6. tks. I am actually thinking about it. Will most likely switch. This has been an experience for me. Never have I encounter such lousy service and product. Elmark is the king. King of Fan. Hahaha....
  7. It is written there. But seems like their main business is not selling fan, but servicing them. One week for an appointment, You can imagine how many people having problem with their fans. If they have 20 men running around, each service man visit 20 place per day, they would well make at least $50*400 per day. I bought the fan for $260. I seriously don't think they earn as much from selling them than servicing them. Assuming I don't call for express service, $50 for transportation and another $25 for labour, that is $75. I would have to pay even more if it is not under warrenty. I am even more pissed off when I talk to the service operator on phone. I wonder why are they still in business.
  8. Hi all Wondering if you guys have the same problem like I encountered. Last year, I purchase some Elmark fans. These come with the remote and lighting. Today, one of them pop when I switch it on. Now it is no longer working. As this fan is in the living room, I am desperately needing repair service. I called Elmark and was told the earliest date they can send their men is one week from now. At the mean time, they can put me on the priority list. Even thought the fan is under warrenty as it is less than a year, I will still have to pay for the $50 transportation fee. Alternatively, they do have a express service at $95. They will send their men ASAP. I was also told by the lighting shop that most likely the fan would be taken back for repair. None of the service call line operator knows the time needed for the repair. Any one of you any experience with Elmark servicing? Is it worth calling for the service? Or should I bite the bullet and get another replacement? Chng
  9. I also got JS. Same ****ty workmanship. Yours cannot see from outside, my can. So I guess I "win". Haha The "best thing" is I was such a stupid idiot. The JS quotation was even more expensive than some others, but I choice them because I feel they should be able to deliver.
  10. I think it is not a matter of "bad attitude" for JS. It is a matter of workmanship. Are they able to deliver? For my case, they came and they go. Rectify and rectify until cow comes home. Once you sign the contract, if you are not satisfied with the quality of work, what can you do? That was my situation. I just feel frustrated yet not being able to hold them accountable. But any way, all the best. Hope everything will turn out to your expectation. Just to add, it would be better if you are able to include clause that safeguard the quality of their work. Don't just tell them verbally like I did, let them write down the quality that they would provide. Cheers Chng
  11. The first carpenter is from Malaysia. The second one is a local (I think) and his sidekick is a China citizen. I don't think nationality plays a part in workmanship. I think the workmanship is more dependent on experience and good supervision. I guess I am the stupid guinea pig for them. Chng
  12. I am not a good story teller. Here is my side of story. I get to know JS from this thread. Before I made the decision, I actually when down to their workshop twice. I wanted to see if they are really like it was said. Met Steven, and was please with his service. Even thought, he was not the cheapest, I don't really mind. I just want peace of mind. I talk to Steven 3 to 4 times, send him some of what I have in mind. Everything was sweet until the day they came to install the cabinet. Then do I realise that they really not that professional. When I first saw my cabinet, I was in shock because the grain was vertical instead of horizontal. In all my drawing to Steven, the grain was horizontal, I don't understand how Steven could have got it wrong. What Steven mention was that all the grain I have chosen is vertical type, so he thinks I would want it vertical than horizontal. Almost fainted when I heard that. A few days later, I realised one of the drawer fitted with Blum is only less than 5.5cm deep. With drawer at such depth, I can't even put my wallet or a cutlery tray into the drawer. Given no other option, I compromised n shift the Blum runner to another smaller drawer. The drawer will use the cheap runner which allow the drawer depth to increase to 8 cm. Steven did not charge me for the change Then came the TV console. The whole console is too big for one single piece, so a horizontal joint is required. On the second day of installation, my wife realise part of jointing part is bulging. After a few days, it grew worst, and there is simply no way to hide it. Steven says that it is due to the thermal expansion, some times when the joint is too close, the two different piece of laminate, just push each other to bulge. Steven send his men down, and his way of rectification was to knock on it with a piece of ply in between. And guess what, his men did not rectify it and worst still, they left many marks on the laminate. So Steven had another layer of laminate be pasted over the old laminate. The end result is not good. And again I compromised. Then came the wardrobe sliding door, after installation, I complained to Steven that the doors are extremely noise, I can get waken up by the noise from the door. I even brought him to my neighbor who had just renovated, for him to make comparison. He agrees that the sliding door was unacceptable, he agree to change. Even before he did the change, the door mechanism got dislocated and got stuck. I spend more than half an hour trying to get my wife bag out from it. Obviously she was late for that day, but at least no one got hurt. If the whole door came down, I am quite sure either my wife or me will get injured. Because I was sleeping on the bed which is in front of the sliding door. The sliding door mechanism was replaced, but the outcome was ugly. A piece of wood was added to cover the new track as the new mechanism is bigger than the old. They also stained the ceiling and damage the floor immediately in front of the wardrobe. The irony of it all is that before I signed the contract, I told Steven I want heavy duty mechanism ( for peace of mind) and he charged me an extra $450 for it. I wanted problem free installation, it came out problematic and expensive. Currently I am having slight problem with the sliding door again, one of the bottom pair of track for one of the pair of the doors would rub against each other . But I have yet to ask Steven to send his men. Why? because I fear it could turn out worst. The sliding doors have been taken down couple of times, there are so many screw hole behind it that I don't know if could be put back the next time. There are other issue about his workmanship. But I think you get the point. So when he ask for the final balance, I ask for discount. And guess how much he discounted. $120, less than one percent of the total bill. I almost laughed out loud. I told him it is an insult and issued him in full. I don't need the discount. I strongly feel that his workmanship is not worth the money paid. Frankly, looking back, If I knew about his workmanship, I will not engage him even if he is 20% cheaper. My whole reno beside the carpentry took one month, the carpentry from JS took me more than one month to settle. Still I consider myself luck, because only one contractor is problematic. Chng
  13. I used JS for my reno. All I can say is disappointment after disappointment. I engage them thinking I would at least get some decent workmanship. But what I get is agony. For those thinking of engaging them, please be wary. For those who wants to verify, can contact me or JS directly. Just ask Steve (the guy from JS), can quote that I am the guy from Marine Drive. Chng
  14. Here is a website that is quite useful: http://els.nea.gov.sg/mels/aircon.asp You can go to this website to select the aircon you have in mind (inverter or non-inverter) and key in your normal usage pattern to work out the annual electrical cost. It is quite surprising to see the difference in cost. For me, if the overall cost of inverter unit (with installation + 10 yrs usage cost) is not significantly more than that of a non-inverter unit, I would seriously think about a inverter unit. Cheers
  15. I also looking. Currently have my eyes set on a brandt horizontal type. More spacious n can easily use two point at the same time. but also more x, compare to the domino. Originally, wanted to get from a local brand, but change my mind after I gone to the showroom. Max heat too gentle. Only 2000w. I am still looking, so if you have good lobang, can let me know? tks Cheers