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  1. Can anyone recommend me a good door lock with handle . I mean good as in reputable lock company and good quality finishing with budget appx 800-1K? What are the brands I should be looking at and where to get them.. thanks
  2. After shopping for kitchen sink for so long I have finally settled down for Elkay. Very good quality for the price and is an American brand. Personally I find this looks and feels better quality than Teka. Check it out to decide yourself
  3. Besides Jalan Besar, one can also check out Geyland Lorong 39. Whole stretch all almost next to each other and the price is very cheap also. The one that is particular worth checking out is Heritage (by far the cheapest even without bargaining and decent quality stuffs) and Bacera (one of the cheapest and a wide range of brands n quality stuffs). You won't regret getting from any of these two.
  4. I was contemplating with D'zander, those JB guy and MCL curtains before sealing the deal. Here is my verdict, D'zander = Pros: Price is reasonable and workmanship is good. Many good feedbacks from happy customers Cons: Limited choices and do not have a proper showroom and only artificial light in their "showroom" to show one the effects of curtain against the sun. JB guy = Pros: Can be really cheap for those who does not mind lower grade material. Cons: If you are looking for quality stuff and expensive material, you will be better off getting it in Singapore. Coz there is this very high tax imposed on imported material hence making getting imported material very expensive and not to mention most of this JB guys dun even want to carry this products as they deemed too hard for them to find buyers in JB. MCL (lavender st) = Pros: Fantastic showroom to display all kind of curtains and the effects of final product. Certain material looks dull on samples but when you make a full curtain out of it it looks completely different. Also they have a very big window facing the sun therefore you can choose the right material for the intensity of light you wanna block. Choice of material is never ending.... ha ha. The sales is very knowledgeable and give very valuable advise without being pushy at all. Most importantly the price is cheap. Dun want to make a direct comparison as it is not very nice .. but do compare quotes... I am sure u will be satisfied especially after the small discount the shop offers. Cons: I am sure there is something but for now it is the best place I have been. Disclaimer: I do not benefit anything from the above comments therefore take it with a pinch of salt as this is an open forum and everyone will have their own opinion. Happy shopping.....
  5. btw has anyone use the mitsubishi starmex inverter with the existing R22 aircond piping? Called up Mitsubishi and they rest assured me there won't be any problem since they some some kinda special chemical in their R410 gas therefore no need to change pipe. But Gain City guy told me I will still suffer from condensation problem if I dun change to bigger copper piping design for inverter since its pressure is a lot higher. Anyone has any experience with it?
  6. GC is proposing to me to run the Misubishi Starmex Non inverter running on 410 gas running on my existing aircond piping which was designed for R22. Apparently only Mitsubishi in the market that can run 410 gas on existing R22 piping. Only reason why I wanted this 410 gas on R22 piping is I dun wanna do a major repiping since all of them are concealed in my condo. The dilemma is am i making the right choice for going for this non inverter with R410 gas. Anyone use this non inverter with r410 gas ? ANy problem with condensation issue? Coz was told from GS if running even the Mitsubishi inverter with the existing R22 piping will have problem with condensation in the long run. Pls advise
  7. To all the experts out there, I am about to replace the whole condo air cond units but am contemplating between getting the inverter or the non inverter units. I have been reading about the pro and cons about different types of aircond units but still undecided. At first the decision seems simple, just go for the newest tech after all the R22 refrigerant is gonna be faced out soon. But the thing is if I go for the inverter I have to change all my existing piping of the condo n to make things worst they are all concealed. My ID as well as the air cond guys have been asking me to opt for Non Inverter units since they are cheaper n trouble free installation for my case. The dilemma is I was thinking if I am gonna be going for new ac, might as well go for something future proof am I right? But I also dun feel like messing with the existing piping if possible. Sigh....... really can't decide. Can anyone sheds some light?
  8. To those who has installed the Fiber Optic Termination Pt, I would like to find out more on the open net concept. Basically if I want to designate my study room to have the termination pt, how do I go about in getting this fiber optic signal to the living room where the TV is located? Ie. if I have the master computer in the study room and connected to a router and my whole house is wired and ready for home networking including the living room next to the tv, how will the connection be? Will it be something like this {Fiber Optic Termination Pt ----->Router -----------> Master Computer----thru the ports from the router to ------>TV console (UTP output) --------> Other home computers } Any comment if my understanding is correct???? Pls advise
  9. Ok ok will check it out. But I think I am looking at something of quality stuff .. not exactly super high end but decent product
  10. Hi there, Can anyone also tell me where is the best place for me to look for safe box in singapore? I mean those better quality one for residential usage. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone out there, I am in the middle of shopping for my air conditioning system for the house and I was just wondering if there is any particular brand that uses non inverter tech but with the new gas ie R410? Pls advise
  12. wah this company really dun have very good reputation ...... actually I really tot of buying a sofa set from them as I must say they do have pretty nice sofas just that the salesman I was dealing with was kinda beng type n I dun really trust what he said. But hey.... never know the whole story. Anyone care to share? How about Lorenzo?