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  1. Anyone here knows what the estimate for replacing a leaky tap? The screw securing the tap is all stripped. Also who know were to get the plastic gaskets/liners edging glass panels used in showers? No luck finding them so far. Thanks. Kenneth
  2. Having spalling concrete on the ceiling. Amy good contractors to recommend? Thanks. PM Me pls. Kenneth
  3. What is the norm nowadays? Does one simply replace the entire fan or repairs it? Any recommended repairers? K
  4. Is the grill still available?

  5. You just need a cold water pipe to the dishwasher as the appliance has a built in heater.
  6. Am thinking of restoring a vintage electric fan. Used to run until it burnt out. Think that the motor burnt itself out. Anyone know of a place where i can rewire it? Cheers
  7. Anyone here has recommendations for the fabrication of double glazing windows for HDB Flats? Thanks.
  8. From where? Who are the distributors?
  9. Can someone direct me to a contractor who can install a double glazed window for an HDB apartment? Need it to reduce the noise coming from the birds that infest the area. Anyone knows what is the damage going to be like? Thanks.
  10. It depends on your lifestyle. It is useful as it save on a lot of standing around doing the wash ups. Again your power and utility bill might go up hehe. I am using a F&P Dishdrawer.
  11. Abt 1.3K Incld GST and Delivery
  12. Got the Royal Legacy King
  13. When installing, use wood glue.
  14. It is not too bad, I got mine during a road show at harvey normans. Had to do a upgrade from queen to king tho. So far its pretty ok. I think its value for money.
  15. Would vinyl based putty make a diff? Seeing that it is more flexible than plaster based putty.