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  1. have not bought mine. I'm thinking of checking from JB as well but give up the idea as I know the bed is very very heavy, and don't want any damage so im getting it locally. If you are checking, if you dont mind can you update me when you have the price? if the saving is dramatic, i may want to reconsider my decision. end aug got promo ah steady i wait till then thanks for the update!
  2. Good for you! I'm getting the transforme as well. Too bad I dont have 2K extra for Omazz or flobeds (tatalay process) I can't comments on the sagging part but from most reviewers I seen in singaporebrides.com.my commented that it does sag between 5 - 10 years. Tatalay process is to correct the sag disadvantage, making it last beyond 15 years. You got to read up on both process than its easier, i extracted this Dunlop and Talalay are types of latex processing, not types of latex. The Dunlop process has been around for many decades, while Talalay is newer. Both 100% natural latex and blended latex can be made using either process. For the Talalay process, a tiny amount of latex is poured into the mold. Air is extracted to evenly distribute the foam liquid inside the mold which creates a consistent round, open cell structure. The mattress core is flash frozen to lock the cell structure in place and to prevent the particles from settling. For the Dunlop process, the molds are fully filled, air is not extracted, and there is no flash freezing. The result is that Talalay processed latex is more airy, less dense / firm and lighter (though still heavy) than Dunlop processed latex. That will explain why dunlop process will feel slightly hotter when you sleep on it. To me it is not a concern as its better than Memory foam and I have my fan and aircon. Till the day Singapore hit a temperature of 36 degree than worry More reading here http://www.savvyrest.com/why-savvy-rest/na...-dunlop-talalay
  3. bro, yah lor omazz is a subsidiary of lotus thats why there's a combi. Thats why in my initial post, i stated if want to choose, choose either one system not a combi for best result. combi sounds like cutting corners Anyway if the one selling in robinsons is actually lotus, simple mah, just take a look at the inside. See if you can see a label with "Latex International" if dont have then its a dunlop process latex not tatalay.
  4. jclew, have you been to omazz at park mall? i do notice that although omazz in robinson and at park mall are selling different models. Seriously the thing about tatalay latex is expensive and in order to push for sales, pocketed spring is used at the bottom then latex at the top to have the feeling. To me, no offense bro, its like taking a shortcut. To me, its very black and white, if i want latex, i go for full latex. If i can't afford tatalay, i settle with natural. if i want spring, i will look somewhere else. Dunlopillo is okay lor. Ask yourself what you want. My recommendation as a layman is to choose either one of the system but not combination. forgotten, good man! I like people who are not chasing for brandings yah latex is very heavy. rubber mah but its good to hear after 3 yrs it is still going strong! For others, maybe can try napure as well! I'm very impress with Germans technology. I feel its better than US for most of the products I encounter.
  5. dexufto, I don't know leh but from marketing perceptive, when your competitors are offering something that you don't have in your product list, the CEO will just tell the kakia "look everybody is having tataley latex, we must have also, you go and design one model to have that" Imagine dunlopillo's CEO and king koil CEO playing golf one day, dunlopillo's CEO says "look at me, we just launch this new tatalay bed, sales volume shoot up, this year bonus confirm kao kao! So do you have this latex series where all consumers are looking for?" If king koil dont have sure **** xia suay one. So next day, he sure go back and tell the kakias better do something about it. People have, i also must have. If you notice no matter which bed brand you go to, confirm have spring, pocketed spring, memory foam, latex be it dunlop or tatalay process. All of them doesn't want to lose market share so in order to stay competitive, you have, I also must have Side track a bit, the latest ipad as well. Do you think RIM (blackberry), microsoft, asus, etc will just sit down and let apple makan all their market share? Very soon you will see the market flooded with something similar or better than ipad. Monkey see monkey do even it is not their strength in creating it.
  6. syukur, pricing is cheap. Its worth it when it is comfortable to you. I'm not sure what kind of latex is this, looks to me it is natural latex using dunlop process. Do take note that king koil do have tatalay process latex and it exist in their elegance, natural response series. Usually if you want tatalay process, it should cost you more than 3.5K easily. More info here http://www.latexfoam.com/index.php?did=11 Please don't quote me as I'm no bed expert just like you, im a consumer as well and choosing my bed. Just sharing what I have found out.
  7. dexufto, if im not wrong, yours is a spring/pocketed spring + natural latex. Where does king koil get it natural latex, i dont know liao We haven't place our order yet, as we will only move in end of dec so wait till around nov period then order lor who knows maybe newer model + lower price from getha? I just want to share my research with others so for those looking for bed, they can narrow down to what material they want then work from there. jclew, full latex. Personally (no offense to others) that i prefer just latex not a combination. If I want combination, most likely i will go for dunlopillo. The last quote I had is about $3.2K for a king size. forgotten, good mah never sag but only 3 years i don't think it will shows any sign yet lah, what brand is that?
  8. dexufto, which brand is that? natural or omazz? if its omazz most likely it will not sag
  9. No problem bro! They shld be laying before me as well
  10. orh no wonder haha im getting E for my Bedrooms and L for my living room I loves L though but don't think worth to lay in bedroom as well. So settle for E lor
  11. khengjoo, very detailed wor! I believe you are a person who read into fine prints? *wondering do you do that to insurance policy as well* ayukoh, take pictures of the underlying foam if possible. for myself, im waiting for the quotation for QS to be send over to me tonight, hopefully can sign by next week.
  12. titanax, yeap fully agree. hopefully my installer will do a good job so in future no more headache. zeemimi, QS is covered by international warranty. In paper, if you buy from Distributor A, 1 or 2 years later, they can't renew their distributorship and QS award to Distributor B. Distributor B will need to take over the warranty. However practically wise, you aren't buying from B, they may be reluctant to service you lor. That's the risk you have to bear but like what others have install before QS is a quality board. As long it is installed properly, you shouldn't have much problem compare to other brands of laminates.
  13. Cool when you fixed that let us know how it goes.
  14. haha yah lor. initially i insisted on tiles, granite or homo but after awhile, laminates isn't that bad after all! different type of feeling ah....
  15. haha i go with what my wife said. I will only tell her the disadvantage of both but woman is still woman lah, feeling come first. So laminates lor
  16. its weird when everyone start to comments on your old place is such a nicely done, it will just add more pressure to do it better than the last and this time round, your project is on an EA which is so much bigger! Like others, im looking forward to see how your new home will turn out to be
  17. I am shopping for my mattress. Comparing spring, latex, memory foam. I decided to stick to latex. It feels better. For latex there is 2 type, natural and synthetic. Oftenly salesman will pitch that synthetic is no good as it contains petrochemical to make it. Salesman who is promoting synthetic will say natural is no good as it can sag over a period of time, warmer and firmer. There is 2 process for making a latex bed. One is known as dunlop process which started by Dunlopillo. Another is by Latex International. Naturatex, Getha are using dunlop process. Omazz, Dunlopillo, Sealy, Simmons, Serta are using latex international. More info here http://www.latexfoam.com/ So as a consumer how should we choose then? Base on feel and price liao lor Getha showroom is at Furniture Mall. Bed is made from natural latex. Feeling wise is slightly firmer for the 3 layers. Naturatex is distribute by Luxnewhouse at Sungei Kadut. Bed is made from natural latex as well. Feeling wise not as comfortable as getha. 3 layers as well and it cost more than Getha. Luxnewhouse is also the main distributor for LG Hi-Mac solid top surface. Omazz, it is a subsidiary of lotus and it is a local brand. Latex foam is imported from USA and because of the layers, they are assemble in Thailand before coming to Singapore. 4 layers is only for Singapore market. You can't find it in the website. Feeling wise, plush and comfortable. Our first choice. But... Let's put brand aside. I'm focusing on material more than branding. Natural has it disadvantage as it will sag over a period of time. bobiang its natural. I will put the sag will come in after 5 years. It is also warmer and firmer due to the process of making it. As for latex international, to make it more lasting, 20 years kind, more cooling and not so firm. they have to use the tatalay process. Myself prefer tatalay process but the price is too expensive. I did thought of importing myself from http://www.flobeds.com which allows customization like what Live to Sleep offered by Courts @ Tampines but the cost is slightly higher. To end my shopping hunt and learning, we decided to go for Getha, save the difference in cost and change the bed in the next 5-7 years when it breakdown on me. Who don't like new furniture? We do and don't find a need to use the same bed for 20 years.
  18. haha yeah! but thanks god i have decided to stick to QS due to the technology and laminates is more like hardwood I have went down to take a look at Berry and boy it doesn't come close to QS's wood looks alike feel. To be fair i must state, I'm comparing QS Largo and Berry Grandioso. Berry Riviera vs QS Eligna. Another factor that we did take into consideration is distributor. Berry is by Woodculture, Hafari, a stronger company whereas for QS, the distributorship in Singapore is constantly changing. I believe most of the company can't deliver the minimum quantity for being QS distributor. So for those who decide to choose QS, do remember that you may need to bear the risk of changing distributor.
  19. your house in sembawang is nice! Sad to see such a nice house condition sold! How much is the COV? I should have bought from you
  20. gettome, you're right woodculture aka hafari lor but problem is there is another company dealing with berry floor. i can't remember the name its concept something one. but maybe they are the dealer and woodculture is the distributor. whatever it is berry floor has a very strong advantage, hydroplus. believe it will appeal to a lot of consumers.
  21. Hi Taby, Just my opinion, if I'm staying in this house and not a new house, I will not opt for hacking and later tiles. Simply too much of work and area cleaning to do. Which brand of laminates are you using currently? Like my wife, she prefers the "feel" thats why we are using laminates. I remember a sales guy told me this, in the west, people want to do tiles but cant do it cause of the weather. They need to use heater for the floor as well. No choice but to stick with laminates etc etc. In Singapore, we have the luxury to do tiles but we don't want but prefer laminates. hahaha
  22. Cool How much did you spend for renovation? Let me guess... 45K? Shoe cabinet alone should cost you 1-2K? I love to have this as well but limited space for my foyer area. Too bad.
  23. I like your house! Very nicely done. Is this a EA or 5room? It looks big to me. How many sqm?
  24. Hi ayukoh, Cool! What's make you buy Berry? I was in a dilemma when given a choice. i will try to do a comparison in a new thread soon. Struggling with my time now
  25. Hi January, Sorry for the delay in replying. Very busy lately. For mine experience, I didn't go around doing ID hunting much. I shortlisted a maximum of 3 IDs, as what i always do in my course of work, 3 quotes and I don't enjoy asking for more as it is extremely confusing and irritating to repeat myself every time. My wife prefer ID firm (3D drawing so can visualize), i prefer a contractor (no 3D drawing) as what most people's impression that it is cheaper and friends who done their renovation (word of mouth) So to give everyone a chance and make both of us happy, I research and narrow down to 1 ID (source by myself), 1 ID (recommendation by my wife's friend), 2 contractors (found in renotalk forum). We met up with 4 of them, exchange of emails discussing our requirement which I tabulated with every fine detail of what is our expectation. To award the contract to the right vendor, I base on the following in priority level. 1) During initial meet up, how prepared and how attentive is he paying to our requirement. Do take note that all information given to ID/Contractor is at least 3 weeks before meet up. 2) Is he man of his words? If an ID/contractors promise something, he should be delivering it within the timeline he set for himself. I don't enjoy asking for it after the timeline he set for himself. 3) How comfortable are we with him? We will be working as a team for the next couple of months. Emotionally, give and take attitude, must somehow have a chemistry. 4) Price. Quotation must include most of the things during the initial meet up so we can have an idea how much will it cost. Not a initial quote that miss out most of the items and we will have to fill in the blank. 5) Is the ID/contractor overloaded and still taking in projects? Very often, ID/contractors work 7 days a week. We are human, we have family. i will make it a point to check with the ID/contractor his time management with his family. I'm looking for an ID who will at least give a day of their time to their own family. Normally is a Sunday where they don't work nor pick up their phone unless emergency. Thats it for my input for selecting of an ID.