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  1. bro kopi everything looks great!
  2. should say the pddoors are still working fine... dont think the doors are laminates, should be veneer? bah
  3. did mine for about $800+ for main, common and utility room but the utility room was split into 2 panel and 1 panel arrangement. but i think most of the cost is the system that u are using bah..
  4. should be we have the same door supplier.. but at least it can still view the corridor so i guess have to stick with it bah..
  5. no chance, by the time i arrive everything had been done. so bo bian lor.. yours is also from henry?
  6. mine is to the side above the door knob.
  7. mine was a big size uncle who came initially, then is a younger fella who did the rectification paint..
  8. think there is the malay painter if remember correctly who did danny's place..
  9. kitchen looks great and refreshing our home is the opposite from yours.. we had m1 and starhub and coincidentally none is m1 only starhub n singtel users
  10. bro kopi, hope to see the 'new' kopi shop complete soon. its coming to an end..
  11. lol truth that there is nothing to update .. nothing new as yet..
  12. if i am not wrong, this pic is from one of the pioneer batches that he did..
  13. bro kopi, sad to hear that ur reno is being delay, hope to hear more of your reno progress real soon and history wont repeat itself again..
  14. sorry internet connection quite bad (prepaid mah) thats y seldom log in... hope rainbowguy is able to contact jason and kopi's reno will be done when he is back