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  1. Planning to start before 7th month & move in in 15 of 8th month
  2. Hi Firehorse Of cos different house will have different price BuT If simple reno, which is without tiles, range shd be less than 20k & full reno, which include tiles, will cost over 20k So I would like to know, example 13K, did they do feature wall for TV & bomb shelter, hw long is the cabinet length & include window grilles? At least, I can know wat is the ave price & which contractor have over quote me for me: 30ft cabinet, granite top feature for TV & console feature for bomb false ceiling 6ft low cabinet wardrobe shower screen window grilles painting a few quotes between 14-17k For my aircon, the pipe will go thru the toilet then thru the passageway to the other 2 room, which will conceal by the false ceiling. But haven't check if there anything in that wall.
  3. aiya....i going to stay at that blk & just got my key....have a few quote so just wanna compare lor
  4. Darryl so you got 2 contractors to reno your unit. your ID dont do electrical job?
  5. lexus who is your contractor.... share your experience.....
  6. cohen hdb ask u to collecct on 13/7? if so most likely, we also collecting on the same day......
  7. ...u very free...ar go find any other contractor if not stick to ho bee, fortuna & my frenz 0904 for me unit face carpark look better than garden btw mine is also face carpark......lol if u free go down have a look....contractor will bring u to see their workmanship.
  8. 15 floor when to see the site already.... Was glad that I didn't choose the garden side. 1 room seperate from the other 2rooms & kitchen look smaller many contractor ambush me when I go for site see-ing lol will look for ho bee & fortuna to quote
  9. I'm also at 487....the first blk to build & the last blk to build finish