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  1. Oic... i have just switched off my airpot. will see how's the temperature after 24hrs.. =)
  2. Hi, how's the heat retention if you turn off the power?
  3. Hi, I dunno the price as i paid my contractor for a whole lump sum. One thing not good abt tempered glass is tht we cant drill hole to put shelves at the back of cooker hob...
  4. Hi, I bought an airpot too but it's zojirushi brand. Can i know how's the heat retention for ur TIGER airpot?
  5. I have just bought a SUPOR brand rice cooker, it costs me $139. Anyone using this brand? Can give some feedback?
  6. I'm free thinker... still .. i'm quite superstitious abt 7th month thingy... so far contractor done only all demolish work.. cannot complete before next month for sure.. dunno if i should let them carry on renovation work or wait till after 7th month..
  7. Hi guys. Thanks for ur reply and advices.. I have chosen tempered glass for backing..
  8. Hi, I only engaged contractor. You may refer to my another thread for your quotation reference. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...c=23238&hl=
  9. Hi, just to share my final quotation. Total $21,800 for below-mentioned. I think the quot is reasonable but i doubt if they will cheat? (like maybe use cheap material for sth that we cant see, maybe put less cement befor they lay tiles to the floor) By the way how do you guys check and make sure your contractor didnt tou gong jian liao? KITCHEN CARPENTRY WORKS Design and build 20ft Top & 18ft Bottom kitchen cabinet in laminate finishes with ABS trimming c/w cutlery tray, 1 chest of drawer, 2 glass panels, handles and solid surface worktop L18ft with skirting Design and build 4ft L-shaped sink counter connecting with main kitchen cabinet with same materials and finishings + 2 tier stainless steel dish rack Supply Labour to install cooker hood & hob WET WORKS IN KITCHEN Supply & construct base for kitchen cabinet, washing machine and fridge with homogenous tiles (same as kitchen floor) DEMOLISH WORKS Hack off existing floor & wall tiles (for 2 toilets and kitchen) Hack off existing floor (for 3 bedrooms and living room) Done by HDB Dismantle existing door & door frames (for 2 toilets and 3 bedrooms) Dismantle existing bathroom door & door frames Hack off store room Relocation of existing master bedroom toilet door DOORS Supply & Install doors for all bedrooms and store. Supply & Install bi-fold door for both toilets. Supply & Install wrought iron main gate CEILING WORKS Supply & construct L-Box light holders (living areas and master room) Supply & construct cornice (for 2 bedrooms) PAINTING WORKS Supply and paint whole house wall & ceiling using ICI/ Nippon emulsion paint. Supply and paint all doors, door frames, pipes, and gate WALL & FLOOR WORKS Plastering walls & ceiling for whole house Box up pipes at 2 toilets Construct shower kerbs for 2 toilets. Supply & lay Polished Homogenous Floor Tiles for 2 steps at main entrance. Supply & lay Polished Homogenous Floor Tiles with skirting (for Living Areas, Kitchen, toilets and all bedrooms) Apply waterproofing membrane for kitchen & 2 bathrooms flooring Supply & lay wall tiles for 2 bathrooms till ceiling height PLUMBING WORKS Supply & change squat toilet bowl to white color sitting bowl (for kitchen toilet) Change & supply existing grey color toilet bowl to white color toilet bowl in master bedroom toilet. Supply labour to install water heater for 2 toilets Supply labour to install in basins bathroom accessories for both toilets. Supply & install LN composite acrylic integrated double bowl sink for kitchen Piping for kitchen & 2 toilets. Supply & install outlet PVC drainage pipe for kitchen sink Supply & install outlet PVC drainage pipe for washing area Supply and install inlet and outlet pipe for Kitchen sink and washing machine. Supply and install 1 no washing machine tap GLASS WORKS Supply & Install 1 no. 9ft sliding full tempered glass door between living room and kitchen. Glass shower screen (Half) for 2 toilets. ELECTRICAL WORKS Supply labour to install ceiling fans Supply labour to install ceiling lights Supply labour to connect door bell at existing Points Relocation of existing and addition of electrical, phone and cable sockets Aluminum Works Supply and install aluminium design grille for whole house windows (living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen) OTHERS Provide chemical washing for whole house floor. Provide clearing of debris, sand & haulage service.
  10. My contractor told me he will be very free in chinese 7th month as he dun have much works to do. He even suggested me to renovate at that period.. Maybe other races like Malay and indian they dun pantang then should be ok lo... otherwise, those monthly paid workers must be very free on that month..
  11. Congrats. haha.. but now dun think it's right time to renovate ur house... 7th month coming soon.. i have to wait after ghost month then will do renovation..
  12. Hi, anyone used tempered glass? Contractor told me stainless steel is more expensive than glass and I personally prefer tempered glass as it looks nicer than stainless steel.. can anyone gives me some advices here.. any reason u guys choose stainless steel? Thanks in advance..
  13. Have u got ur HLE letter? Have to get HLE letter first then they will help u to make earlier appointment for key collection. U can try to email HDBCredit@hdb.gov.sg ask them to expedite your loan application, then they will forward ur email to sales officer who is in charge of ur acc.