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  1. hi would you please share uncle johnny plumber contact with me please. tyvm!

  2. Frankly speaking i would rather go after a Getha mattress than any of those 'La Sap' brands held by Sleep Savvy/Ackermann n Smith(2 other stores in furniture mall belongs to them,name forgotten liao).I personally tried Getha range of mattress and found their comfort level to be among the best i tried so far,their sales person are not pressing and intimidating at all,its true their product originate from malaysia but its the comfort level that counts...
  3. yo Nino,everythings cool here ..kinda loving it here thks for kind concern mate!
  4. hey thanks alot for the pointers bro! Yea my son's primary 2 tis year, he's a handful of trouble for me...
  5. you are most welcome,well actually our life n death is all predestine,therefore i am absolute worry free bout Tv thingy except for obvious accident prone signs...
  6. yo Cj, dun feel bad or sorry,we are really thankful for ya frank opinion on our placing bro.Well actually we had a 2 seater recliner facing the Tv in our MBR maybe i should take n post a pic later on to illustrate my point? We did engage a FSM on our house facing n furniture placing during the entire reno n move in phrase,he didnt mention bout the electrical thingy nor bad Tv placement,maybe he left out or simply not pro enuff...we just have da keep our fingers crossed that it dosen't dislodge during our sleeping period!
  7. Hi ossify,happy CNY to you and many thanks for ya frank opinions,below are my humble reply: speaking of the shower dose indeed make our blood boils,our original intent was to relocate our shower head away from toilet bowl near glass door...our dear hobbit contractor overlooked that crucial point and claim that it was all too late when we noticed the error,citing ugly looking walls after the reposition job...well we quite liked the idea of having clean wc from daily showering thingy! A pity our toilet cant be extended beyond the boundary,we did think of that initially but our ID says its against HDB regulations/wont be approved for sure. Thanks for reminding us on mouldy clothes due to excessive moisture,we ll think of counter measures atm.. yep we did planned for a pair of roller blind by our MBR glass panel,its currently under construction.. We deliberately replace the air-con with a hanging fan as my wife has persistent cold intolerant.
  8. Hey hey long time no see bro,thanks for well wishings..Happy chinese new year to u man! Please do enlighten us on the TV on top of our bed head thingy,so far no one said or dare mention anything pertain to that.i hope u may advise us on that issue,we appreciate ya kind attention bro
  9. Hi Lim,thanks for viewing!Pm have been sent happy hunting!
  10. * More Pics... Our MBR washroom interiors with box-up piping. More pics of our MBR. Our rabbit just got herself a pair of new friends,no more lonely days!
  11. * More Pics for your kind perusal. Our dining area. View of dining cum living from MBR. Our MBR with WIW & washroom.
  12. *Update - finally our pics of renovation completion with furniture and fittings up. My apologies for the long awaited updates,reason being 1> i gotta rectify and fine tune some of the home gitches and fittings after renovation. 2> Preparation for CNY. 3> Daily house chores + tending to son & pets need. Im sure glad everything going well after much planning n deliberations,wishing you guys a happy & prosperous Chinese New Year and happy viewing! Our wrought iron front gate + nyatoh main door. Our Living room with leather black L-shape sofa bought from S & C furniture Dynamic @ AMK Ave 3 Our TV console & coffee table bought from S & C furniture Dynamic @ AMK Ave 3
  13. not quite,i think it will be faster if not for peak season and numerous glitches cropping up along the way due to shortage of site supervisors...thanks for your concern though
  14. hey thanks dude,special credit goes to my wifey for the kitchen lights design,took us quite a while to settle most impending issues..stay tuned for more pics after our furnitures are in place yea