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  1. hi mike please share your contact for polishing kitchen top, please pm me. thanks!

  2. hi would you please share uncle johnny plumber contact with me please. tyvm!

  3. hi would you please share uncle johnny plumber contact with me please. tyvm!

  4. hi joe i really need a cheap plumber, please pm me the contact. ty!

  5. hi

    cant message you via private message on my id

    can email me


  6. hi zhiz, would you please pm me your ID's contact and person pls. Thanks alot!

  7. hi got my work glass desk from vhive.

  8. I am helping my mum to look for a good hob in stainless steel now. However my concern is rusty burner caps/pan holders after reading reviews on some brands. Prefer easy to clean hob too. Has anyone used Rhoyxon? Is the fire flame powerful? Any rusty issues? I am open to other brands as well. Please share your experience especially if you have used a hob over years with no rusty issues. Thanks!
  9. Hi, you were looking for a work desk. Did you find a place that sells modern and non-wooden ones?

  10. anyone bought memory or diamond mattress can share? which is better? i only know memory is slightly softer. dont want too hard but i remb 1 sales person said memory is not good for hunch back? dont know if its true...
  11. hi all, i am looking for a front load washing machine. anyone has any idea which brand is good? F&p, bosch, thomson, samung, LG, hitachi? will be buying king size bed. so not sure if 8kg is enough? thanks alot!
  12. ur inbox is full...

    can't reply to your pm... u can get from Sim xiang jun,imm branch... not sure if they still have...

  13. hey guys, pls PM me the shop you bought for less than $400. thanks alot!
  14. hi guys, we finally signed up with boxid and we feel jeremy's designs is the best among all we visited. we also like his professional attitude.
  15. Anyone has seen a nice and out of the usual dresser? Please tell me where if you happen to see a round dresser cabinet (no mirror), with few drawers. Or any interesting design you saw. thanks alot!