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  1. Hi, me too looking the for the loan specialists if there is one. I prefer to face to face discussion and able to AIP on the spot. thanks
  2. Hi jaskel, I do have some brandnew and used clipsal electrical switches and power point. If you think those owner needs them pm me yr contact nos. I can pass it to you. I guess our fren ah soon has become from hero to zero. cheers
  3. So what your hse completion faster than ah soon!!! Whats yr point here? Are you putting more salt? Your previous thread implied that i had save 10K is a joke? I guess being a loser like you that you didnt it must be feeling the pain rite? Then again being a loser, i can understand how you felt. If you cant help here stop giving yr loser comments here, btw you are not even ah soon customer or any dealing with him, so stop pointing yr loser finger to anyone here.
  4. hi, got yr pm and here is my reply. Stick to yr budget as close as possible, usually it will deviated abt another 10%. Ask them to quote in LUMP SUM instead of breakdown for individual jobs, for example hacking job, electrical, tiling, piping, painting, carpentry job etc. But make sure u know what you want before asking them to furnish a lump sum quote, if not anything add on there will be charges. The house is yrs and how u like to live in is all yr call. If you like to shift furniture once in a blue moon, get those homogeneous tile the design like a laminate wood finishing for yr living area. So you will have worry free of damanging yr flooring and water seepage problem. Electrical point positing, individual got different styles, some love to see power point every where in their house. Some love to have switches right infront of them so the cost is subjective. Will able to advise u once u decide the nos of power point in yr house. Hope this helps. cheers
  5. Isnt it this is the case of willing buyer and willing seller? No? I m not siding anyone too, most of the customer are pre warned by us but its seems to me this have not stop them from engaging his services. Again, the reason is obvious rite? dollars and cents thingy is the reason. Saving 10K is not good enough? If anyone felt that this is not significant, i rest my case. I m cheapo, i was quoted $33K by good a fren and ID quoted ranges from $35K to 40K and above. My total cost by ah soon abt $28K, if anyone wants to see all my previous quotes do PM ya. I can show it all!!! To conclude, the choice is yours, stop saying ah soon supporter backing him up or watsoever. Read the thread thoroughly, did we recommend him without warning??? When i fxxk him like no tml when he delay my rework, did i delete it? No, I didnt, coz i expect ppl here to read, but no, most of them didnt bother to read the entire thread, instead jumps into it asking for his contact nos. So you tell me, when will it end? Finally, i didnt meant to offend ah soon existing and potential customer. I merely stating the facts and the truth is out there.
  6. Nice, u dont intend to have WIW at yr masterbed room?
  7. Hi me too pay for the $80 for the resale dont know wat administration charges. Is it a norm? Anyone or agent can advise?
  8. Hi can understand how u feel when comes to tight budget. Care to share what you intend to do for the renovation of the hse? Is it a major revamp of the whole place? Yes, u can post the quotation here and share with us together with yr floor plan too.
  9. hi nice place u got there, yr switches u only spend $500 for yr whole hse? how many switches you had replaced? I thought these switches are expensive? Do u purchase dimmer switches too?
  10. No showroom, only thru hp contact. Btw have u read the thread abt ah soon?
  11. Just wanna confirm, u mean yr tiler using wet method to do the Laminate Wood or tiles? For tiling there are 3 techniques, dry, wet and semi dry method. Wet method are usually applies to save time. If for laminabe woods, using wet methods is something new to me. For yr case, if the cement are not dry after so many days or weeks, something is really wrong with the concrete flooring. Could it be a seepage somewhere which resulted this problems. I could be wrong, just wanna share with you the possibility of this problems. So after u had redo everything, yr problem has been resolved??
  12. Congras, i m sure by now u have ask yr contractor to conduct a thoroughly check on the ceiling. Have a smooth reno ya.