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  1. Hi ongstitch, Hahaz i didn't recommend myself dude. The renovator i recommended is Eddie. Wellz thanks for being observative but you are right too. I am a renovator myself thats why i have my own projects:) Tiler Seng can promote himself openly on the forum but i can't do the same because of the rules ma. Hope you understand:) Cheers, mikey
  2. Oh... I see. I suggest maybe you can do your renovation in phases but it will be quite inconvenient... :( mikey
  3. Hi Mary, why need to stay out if the re-reno is at kitchen living and common bedroom. Maybe you could still stay in the Master bedroom? mikey
  4. Hi fridakahlo, from my exp, 15k might be abit tight. Depends on what is your workscope. 20k shld be enuf. Have a smooth sailing reno~ mikey
  5. Hello HomeDaze, Looks okays to me. Some carpentry works like wardrobe and feature wall are quoted slightly higher, Kitchen Cabinet at $120 pfr is fine. Can't say much abt the flooring works cuz got no dimensions but seems okays. Glass, Ceiling and window grilles looks okays too. So overall okays la. If need another opinion or quote just let me know. Have a smooth sailing reno~ mikey
  6. Hi pm_yeo, If you need i can intro you my renovator. He should be able to settle all items for you. Dun worry about the paintwork. He's got Singaporeans uncles who do the painting. They'll do a nice protective layer for you. Let me know if you need the contact. cheers, mikey
  7. Hi durhambaby, how was it? Did my renovator gave you a quote on the repairs? mikey