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  1. Hi Shivan, Did you spy any Philips booth? We're targeting a soundbar and hoping that there will be a good deal soon.
  2. Just hope to help.. I'm not doing feature wall as intending to mount direct instead (save $$). But my ID did tell me that they have to reinforce feature wall (with more wood) at the part where the mounting bracket is fixed in order to hold up the TV. So you have to let your contractor know what size of TV, and the esimated mounting height then they will do the reinforcements accordingly. Well either of these things can happen: Whole feature wall give way, not secured to actual wall (but TV still secured to it like in the photos) OR: Mounting bracket + TV give way Either way is still a crash!!
  3. You got the price list!?! I want I want! Hee.. to see whether my ID got over-charge me or not. Everybody got to earn but, if mark up too much I will tok his head! Please email to carelinwen@yahoo.com.sg
  4. Hello Dracula, I'm in 79B. Saw that you are using Central Alum for your toilet window. My HB emailed them for quote already, we are thinking of changing to casement window with the 20WUD fan. Can you PM me what was your quote? TIA Mi lor, Our block standard wait for screeding is about 3 weeks, quite normal leh.
  5. My HB's interested in this too (me of course okay with it). You got a good deal, Best quote us $14XX with extended, but we were not ready to commit yet. But our concern is how to mount it. when will you be mounting it, please do share pics with us!
  6. Congrats to bonkitty, gui99 and meowie! Must be so exciting to sleep overnight officially...or maybe you were too tired out and "concussed" rather. Remember to invite me to look see hor, have not step into your places before. ------------------------------------ Did anyone use matt homo tiles here? I got news from my ID that white matt homo tiles usually have more warp problems. He said that mine were a bit like that so along the side of certain tiles most parts are aligned but some parts may have very slight uneveness. Now a bit worried will have cut leg feeling though ID assured me that will not be able to feel it because it is only small part of each tile.
  7. Actually these zap the mozzies/flies to death and some liquids vapourizes due to the high voltage, so some people said it's not that good as it cause bacteria and viruses carried by the pest to become areosols.
  8. SBH has some nice grey tiles, very italian living look, but grey can make the place look very cold and industrial. However it's up to you lah, can balance with soft furnishings/carpets. If you really want a whiter tile, you can try Taugres. There is a $3.50 white matt tile that is the whitest among all the samples I collected (LSH, Hafary, SBH, Hup Kiong). This was what I took eventually. P.S. I'm with the same ID company but shhh! Don't tell them who teach you, I am the only one now who is using tiles from a few diff places so they will know who give them more trouble!!!
  9. Hack so that leveling (kitchen is step down) with living tiles and main door is easier. Quote is not expensive so better do it. I don't like the kerb. Wall will overlay exposed tiles to white tiles, that one hacking will be costly. Kitchen floor and wall can hack, the undertaking we signed was just for toilets wall and floor. Just that if you hack wall, then all the conceal wiring may kena, etc. Homeowner's contractor cannot re-do concealed wiring mah. So we only attack the floor.
  10. Ya saw yours and someone else's that was plastered. I am terrified of lizards so HB said it's a good idea to do either.
  11. Should be okay to change, my ID said can do that if I want. He said change to acrylic better than plaster up in case there are small leaks in future.
  12. 1 feet = 30 cm 1 square feet = 30 x 30 cm2 = 900 cm2 = 0.09 m2 Your floor is 3.3 m x 8.9 m = 29.37 m2 = 29.37/0.09 = 326.33 sq feet So cost should be $3270.
  13. Is there anyone who is a member of Anthropology? I need help in getting the member's promotion. Please PM me, thanks!
  14. Yeoman, Woo.. house hop. I'm meeting my ID in the late afternoon so may join in if hubby agrees (we may have to settle some issues before meeting ID). I will PM you my contact. Thanks. Toppie, It amazes me that they will rather keep coming back to re-do and re-do than to properly finish the job... Did they sand out the uneven paint blobs before they paint over again? Maybe the old paint from brushes/roller never wash out properly? No wonder your ID try to get final payment, hee hee, then he can siam liao.
  15. Ya I know about this case. Actually I signed up with him on Mar 30 and he said have to wait till 1st week May to start work. Then he go accept this case in April and cut our queue. However, he's been nice and patient with us, and also we trust him so I will not mention my knowledge about this to him. He better auto give me more FOC things!!! It's okay lah, I can take the extra time to decide what I really want. Then when the reno starts I expect full speed ahead. Think a lot of neighbours here keep asking me when will mine be ready, a bit pai seh to answer "haven't start yet". 3 tile shops because I want the white homogenous matt tile from first shop (it's the whitest among all samples I took) for living room, I like a particular tile for my kitchen from another shop but cannot find toilet tiles I like there... troublesome hor??? Actually the more my ID delay the start, the more we rece shops or read/learn from renotalk and then we the more we chu pattern for him to headache.
  16. No lah, he still busy lor and haven't confirm the toilet layout yet so he dare not order the tiles.... this sat will meet again. But I very mah fan also, I have tiles from about 3 different shops .
  17. Meowie, I regularly polish about every 4-5 months so have tried a few dentist in central, you can try Q&M (got 2 branches, one across the street, the other near KFC). My favourite dentist is Dr Stephen Khor, he's ard on Sundays at KFC branch only; second choice is Dr Ng Jit Wei. My hubby also okay with them, so now i only look for either of these 2. Never go for one called Winston or something like that that starts with 'W'... I think I encounter this guy twice at diff clinics in TPY about 6 years apart; I noticed his style is to polish until you bleed then push you to buy the antiseptic mouthwash. Liana, If your laminates are not the glued-on type, should be quite easy to change. As for tiles, you must decide whether worth the trouble to just repalce a few pieces here and there. It may lead to uneven flooring. You can try to cover with nice carpets instead. Tell your ID to provide FOC carpets if he don't want to change
  18. Hi Redcrystal, There was once that I remember that was mentioned in this forum. Cos after that within 2-3 days when we went up at night to look see and could not get our 'emergency' LED night light to work, I remember about the trip mentioned here. Then HB had to go fiddle with the circuit breaker before got electricity.
  19. Wah, your platform in MBR goes all the way into the bathroom? First time I see one like that... BTW, do you know what laminate brand was use on your platform? Ya, great bomb shelter area design. I am still thinking of not doing a feature to save $$, but worried may regret later. Yours give assurance that no feature wall can be nice too!
  20. Can PM me the brand, model and price of your toilet bowls? Scary hor, my things to buy list is growing and growing and the amount is overshooting my budget. Have to slowly slowly buy....
  21. You're welcome. Wah, dunno it's young mistress leh, my hubby was the one who went to get someone to attend to us. Are you replacing toilet bowls, did you get from them? I have not decided to which to buy leh. These 2-3 weekends we've have been going ard balestier and asking for quotes lor - I ate bak ku teh every week !! . Our ID mentioned that Poh Joo is the cheapest but we have never check them out until yesterday. But in a way that's good loh, at least now I am sure that their quote is reasonable.
  22. Redwyrm, Actually we saw K with a couple when we were down at Poh Joo, that's was why I ask the lady about the issue of coming with ID... But we did not talk to him because he's with his client mah. Hee hee, opps, there goes his cut! I only went to the branch that's opened on Sunday but did not really see any toilet accessories that caught my eye. If I can save $50 to a hundred, I don't mind coordinating delivery by myself, it's just a few phone calls.
  23. The washer+dryer+base will come to about 1.75-1.8m so depends on your unit's layout. I have seen some units with lower clothes hanger because of the beam in the kitchen. The washer and dryer can fir but may take up 1/3 - 1/2 the length of the hanger (when placed under it), so some of us remove it totally.
  24. Hi all, I was sick and sleeping whole afternnon on Sat, couldn't join the house hopping but when I popped by in the evening with HB to check on the main door retification, I saw some of you guys at your end point at B's lvl 1 lift lobby. Hope those whom we did not know but saw us waving didn't think we were siao. The issue of buying things with your ID is very true, I went hunting at Jalan Besar yesterday and was at Poh Joo. (met Shivan there!). The lady attending to us admitted that had we come with ID, pricing will be definately be more. Also discovered that the pricing at Jalan Besar is so much better than Balestier shops. For example a sink (normal China type) I was eyeing was quoted about $30 difference. The same hob+oven was about $240 difference. But of course the displays lose out to those at Balestier. Now I am determined to go Jln Besar/Kelantan Lane for lights and toilet stuff, got direct bus 139 from TPY central, just as convenient. So for those that have not bought their stuff, you can spend one day walking down Balestier to see, then jolt down codes/prices/dimensions/drawings etc, then go check out Jln Besar. Hi Liana, I will be doing Blum kichen too, HB and I would like to visit your place today so we'll know what to expect and ask for. Can PM me your unit?
  25. Hi tension_z, 2 months to redo feature wall! Your ID is ridiculous, he's waiting for the tree to be processed into solid plywood is it? I know the carpenty orders can be done in 2-3 weeks, if rushed , can be within 1 week. More likely is that he is busy taking on new jobs and wants to just put you off so that you may give up and accept the current feature wall. I think it's time to reveal who it is so that he can have less jobs from this forum and can focus better on all his current jobs. In a way it is for his good, better that than to have all the unsatisfied owners all complaining togther one day.