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  1. Hi charmed and Missysoul, How's the installation and aftersales service of Andy? Can share your quotes with me? Think of installing by end June.
  2. Dunno why suddenly cannot receive leh, tried re-scanning for the channels again but still not working. Could it be because I have not activated the cable point? I can get good rtm2 but no Okto. Hi lormee, If at current pricing I think most of us here will not be able to afford too. It's scary. Wonder who can afford the Bishan DBSS too. I agree with the view that the prices will start dropping once HDB gets poor response from sales due to high prices. So if you can wait don't buy yet. Jacky777, New flats no other housing grant except for the very low income one ($10-20K AHG). If low income lagi cannot afford liao. So if one is not CPF nor cash rich, very hard to be within $8K income ceiling and still afford to buy.
  3. Hi groovygenie, That someone is me lor, go my blog and see. Cost wise is zero because I had overlaid wall tiles. Anyway that cost is insignificant compared to what the id can earn from me so he absorb lor. If you were to do it separately from the initial reno, it will involve plumbing and tiling works, and also sealing/removing that gas pipe above (if you have not already done so). And yes I also have the storage heater in my bathroom but is the common one not master like Liana's. The plumber never complain dunno how to do. Oh ya, anybody still using the normal TV point in Blk B, can you receive Okto (the new channel)? Mine was fine previously but yesterday could not receive at all.
  4. contractor can add laminated wood on top of black tiles to form one whole piece with your cupboard's side (eh the side which you dunno what colour to choose), this way you still can choose a white laminate to get the same look as your original 3D. Or if choose red laminate then will look like your left option except that the black tile part covered with red laminated wood too. Hope you'll get what I'm saying.
  5. Glad to have helped! I have a extendible table from XZQT and I love it, hope that you will love yours too. I still eyeing some foldable chairs and stuff from them but must stop buying expensive non-essential furniture liao... So can only lust for it.
  6. For the XZQT glass tables, you're paying for the extension mechanism and the table finishing. Most of their range are from Calligaris, you can go to Calligaris website and look at the different types of extension tables. I did not find that LifeStorey's tables are cheaper. I think they are about the same price leh. Tip: You can bargain at XZQT, even during sales ... So if you really have your eye on it, wait for their sales then go down and see if can discount somemore. Maybe you can state your budget so that forumers can help recommend.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion, that's a good alternative too. But I am not sure how much the light fixture inself incld ballast contributes to energy usage, and whether final energy used is determined by the ballast and/or bulb?? Coz if there is no energy savings, i just don't want to switch to lower watt or remove one bulb then get false impression that I am using less energy. Any lighting experts can comment?
  8. Got a question about energy saving fluorescence lights. My ID advised me to use 2x13W downlights in my living/dining room and I can control two downlights with each switch button. However even when with only 2 downlights on, I still find that it's a bit bright when I am watching TV. If I buy 10W fluorescent bulbs to fit into the current 2x13W downlights, will there be any energy saving since the ballast is still for 13W bulbs? Will it cause the 10W bulbs to 'blow out faster'? Hi lawry, I saw some bulbs in Japan, I think it's still about 20+W each bulb, the colours is like those neon/argon light tubes. Not as energy savings as the normal fluorescent type. Think we can't use japan bulbs here though as they are made for use at 100V not 230V. Note that some bluish bulbs are with UV light for attracting insects/disinfecting.
  9. If you are looking for the Advant white range, and don't mind 2nd hand ones (I changed switches in new flat), I can sell you at nominal price. PM me.
  10. Hi Dazzle, Yes, that's what will be done. Don't worry, we'll got the same ID and his tilers are very good and responsible. In fact for mine they came back more than once to re-do or repair damages that were found after air-con/ carpentryworks. But for those that you think you can live with, you can opt to leave it be.
  11. You can check out my blog for my kitchen pics. I find it very sleek and easy to clean, no scratch marks or stains yet since i have cooked few times liao. Out of habit I do not drag things around and always use pot stands though. If you have the budget and like the range available, and is planning to stay in your flat many years, then go for it. I wanted a white counter top and felt that white acrylics either scratches or stains easily so i splurged on this.
  12. Need advice here... I hung a washed duster on a large SS hook unto the inside of my kitchen window's ledge but the wind was very strong and it made the SS hook move and rubbed against the brown aluminium. So now some of the brown coating has been scrapped off... feel so stupid! Any suggestions on how to minimize the eye sore? I was looking for paint marker but don't have that aluminium brown colour.
  13. Sorry for the off topic here but KK, how is the plastic grid in the litter box supported? I use to use a metal BBQ grid from NUTC that fits the ikea tray, throw and change that once it is rusty but now want to switch to plastic.
  14. Especially for flats like ours which have a horizontal beam along that stretch, if do top cabinet the topmost level can only have 10-15 cm depth, what can you put there? If just have one row of top cabinets then will have a ledge above that collects dust and hides lizards so I rather not have. So in the end only have at the sink area for dishes. Nevermind, if you don't have beam above, then the extra space will be good. Me and CraB have to be disciplined to not to accumulated unnecessary things in the kitchen.
  15. Sorry I've been really busy so never bother to contribute to my own house blog, better start as CraB's busy too. Based on memory, the both the MBR basin and wc are Acacia model, the basin stated price was $160 and the wc was $59X for the two piece (the one we have) and $62X for the one piece (which we cannot use because of the water inlet pipe placement). They probably only gave some slight discount of <$50 overall for these and the Renso WC + pan collar. Well, we gave up things like the HS and TV feature walls (can save up to $3K) and spend on such things we use routinely everyday instead. At least I can dismantle them and take them to another place if the need ever arise. Any built-in carpentry is for sure wasted one (except my Blum tracks/hinges). We actually considered whether to have silestone very long but gave in on that whim.
  16. Thanks, will pass to my mum but might not suit her because the shower is right next to the door (stupid HDB design) so water will splash on door, flow down, end up on the kerb then flow out.
  17. Hi enz, Ohh your bi-fold does not have bottom track, can you PM me the contact? Is the bottom of the door sitting on the kerb or it's below? Cos my mum retrofitted a bifold door years ago and she hates the bottom track, however her shower is just right near to the entrance. So I'm just wondering whether it means water will easily splash out.
  18. My tile is from Taugres (next to HF at balestier), dunno model number liao but should not be hard to spot since each supplier prob only have that one matt white homo tile. Eh noticed that you had ask about white tiles in 2 blogs so just to claify; I have a rabbit!
  19. Hint: You had just ask about the white tiles in the blog that my HB is maintaining. Actually the warping cannot be seen until you shine strong light at an angle then the slight uneveness will cast a slight shadow at the grout. If you purposely go feel the area of uneveness can also feel a bit up down but when you walk over cannot really feel. Go ask for the white tile sample at builder's shop, it's much whiter than HF or SBH. I didn't choose them in the end because I wanted the whitest one.
  20. The $9-10 white tile is the italian one at SBH? I saw that too. I went ard getting white non-glossy homo tiles samples from most suppliers few months back for my place. The whitest one I could find was at Taugres (Balestier along same stretch as Hafary). However, during installation, the tiler said that the tiles i chosed had quite a lot of warping and that is not a defect so supplier usually will not change. So in the end tiler tried his best to align and I have very slight misalignment at certain areas, which I can accept. The second best white tile I got was from Builder's Shop at Changi (near $4 psf). So do ask the supplier about any warping problems with the tiles before you commit, seems that white homo tiles have more of such problems. If you want glossy white tiles, think those new range of 'glass' tiles have the very white one but it has some specks in it (look like stone flooring). Anyway happy tile shopping, hope that you'll find what you like.
  21. Nice place you've got there, esp the bookshelf! Wished I had the place for such built-in shelves. Happen to see that you've got a blanco sink, I have a query that I posted here. Please let me know whether was yours sealed that same way?
  22. Hi all, Need help from those whom had their blancometra9 overmounted. Can I check how is the sealing between the sink and the solid surface done? Now mine has silicon applied between the outer edge of the sink and the solid surface, which I complained to my ID that it's ugly and that it should not be such a finishing. But he said it will still be trimmed later... Is this how it should be done for better seal? I'm worried that I will still be able to see a significant silicon filled gap. Can someone show me how a overmount sink edge finishing should be like? TIA
  23. Ehh, cannot be like that bah, usually just on the one connected to the heater only. I've got 3 heater points (kitchen/common toilet/ master toilet) ready by hdb, I only connect my storage heater to one point (common) so only have to on that common heater switch. The other 2 switches we replace with blank covers. The heater points and switches are not inter-connected with each other. Unless your contractor connect all the wiring such that the heater can be controlled by both switches (2-way) in each room?? Unlikely... but if yours is really this case and you have to on both to complete the circuit for the heater to work, a electrician should be able to adjust the wiring again such that only need to switch on one. So I suggest you better find out from your ID/contractors how things are wired up, if they tell you funny things must pursue and ask how come like that. Some of them lazy to retify mistakes will just ask you to accept it.
  24. As I read the comments here about water "not hot" even after heater was on for >15 min. I hope that the users here realize that the perception that heater is not working could be because of the cold water in the pipings? Pls take note that water in heater may be hot, but the water in pipes in between heater and your shower head will be cold when left idle. So of course the first few litres (how much will depending on your pipe length) of water that flow out will be cold. So there is some wastage and time needed before the hot water reaches you if you are the first to bathe. Instant heaters will not have this problem as they heat the water just as it enters the shower system. Both has good and bad points. Instant heater uses more energy if you have high usage of hot water as it has to be constantly on as you use. Storage heater will heat up 25-30L of water in 15-20 min which will remain hot inside tank for a while (some >half a day), but of course you must bear in mind that water in pipes in between will cool down when idle.
  25. Regarding TV license, I have not move in yet so will the charges be retrospective to date of key collection? My TV mounting next week nia. As for the TC conservancy charge, after the first 3 months, you must automatic use AXS/Singpost counter/internet banking/TC counter/GIRO etc and pay once a month, if not they will slap you with late charges too. They no longer send out bills to notify you to pay every month liao. By the time the paper bill come got extra charge liao loh. It takes about 2 months to activate a new GIRO arrangment so must make sure you pay first in between or do it earlier. Property tax is based on a certain percentage of the annual value of the unit. If the unit is owner-occupied then the percentage not much. If it is rented out or you owe more than one property, then it's higher.