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  1. oopsss... looks like it's being blocked. you can go to www?revivehome?com pls replace '?' with '.', and goto the living section.
  2. you can get them from this site: http://www.renotalk.com/index.php?pr=living
  3. hi luckable, i think i saw this at vlux (it's at geylang). do a search and you should be able to find out where it is located. i like this light, but hubby totally against it, so no chance of moi getting it. you'll find many other interesting and nice lights at vlux.
  4. oh my, is this really the case? my place comes with MK sockets. *sigh* jeremy, hope you are ok with me borrowing your thread to ask this question: does anyone know where i can get black (or dark) coloured mini switch? thanks!
  5. i saw the foldable wooden chairs, if that's what you are referring to. nice looking, but i thought abit ex since they are meant to be extra chairs. totally agree about holding back on non-essential stuff especially given the current economic mess. good to hear you love your table, i hope i'll really like mine too. bought ice chairs to go along.... not sure if the final result will look good or not. btw, the table + the chairs combined turned out to be cheaper than the table from lifestorey. absolutely ecstatic with the savings!
  6. i've finally gotten my table... from xzqt. just realised there are some within my price range and actually cheaper than lifestorey. think i'm very happy to have found the table. thanks, carelinwen, for the tip! managed to bargain even though table's on sale at 25%.
  7. i didn't look very carefully when i was at xzqt, just recall the tables being extremely costly. there was one, whereby even after 25% discount was around 5k (but have to admit the finishing was really classy). as for lifestorey, they are having some sort of sale right now and some of the tables are having good discount (with some close to 50%). there is one that goes from 1.3m to 1.8m to 2.3m ie double extension, all with the same pull/push mechanism. and the important thing is the table legs run with the extension ie table legs are always at the ends of the table. this is now going for just above 3k after discount, and it's the most affordable decent one i have seen thus far. saw some extendable ones at molecule too and the tables are also around 5k range. in summary, i almost gave up my extendable table search. was close to settling for a normal table from evovliving (which was also a very good looking piece), till i suddenly dropped in on lifestorey.... angel, i have not been to imm to look yet, but been to furniture mall at beach road and also IFC at sungei kadut. nothing caught my attention from these 2 places. i think i'm close to deciding soon as i'll need the table by early dec. thank you all for your suggestions and help!
  8. hi wifey, yup, have read the thread you posted. thanks for the reminder! the life storey i'm referring to is the original one at great world city. won't even bother to look at the other. hi little sunshine and angel, thanks for sharing! i think i'd prefer the glass top ones. not too keen on ikea stuff though. as for barang barang, if i'm not wrong, most of their stuff are wooden, right? i have seen some extendable ones in some of the smaller shops, but their mechanism doesn't seem very good and in some cases, so primitive. *sigh*
  9. you can also check out massimmo. they have a new range of outdoor furniture and are giving 25% discount as part of their christmas sale. you cannot see the range in their website, but think the showroom should be ready soon. showroom address can be found in their website: www.massimmo.com
  10. thanks, wifey, will check them out. btw, for those interested, i found some very nice ones at life storey too. not as ex as xzqt, but also not cheap.
  11. does anyone know where i can get a good extendible dining table? have seen those in xzqt - very nice, but too costly. thanks!
  12. i'm totally unfamiliar with these electrical stuff. but mine will be all concealed. expensive? i'll be getting at most a 5% discount off the prices above.
  13. hi, my id's electrician provided this quote: Supply & Install New Lighting Point - $35.00 x32 Supply Labour For Install Light Fitting - $14.00 x44 Supply Labour For Install Pendant Light Fitting - $50.00 x1 Supply & Install New 1X13A Point - $70.00 x1 Supply & Install New 2X13A Point - $90.00 x3 Supply & Install New SVC Socket Outlet Point - $90.00 x2 Supply & Install New Weather Proof 1X13A Point - $120.00 x1 Relocation Of Light Switch & 13A Socket Outlet - $40.00 x3 Installation Of Speaker Cable Point - $90.00 x2 (Cable Not Provided) it this considered a fair quote? thanks!