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  1. Selling a Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 3000 bought in October 16 in mint condition. All accessories are brand new and unused. Item still under warranty. Reason for selling: Not used to using steam cleaning. Selling Price: $250 (neg)
  2. Hi, I am looking for a 6ft King Size Mattress. Went to courts to have a look and found that The Aloe Vera 4 Series to be not bad with individual barrel pocket spring and memory foam top pad. I have not been to other places to look for mattress, but after going to sleeppost website, found that the Maxcoil Supreme Plush top to be similar to the Aloe Vera 4, but different name. Does anyone bought the Aloe Vera 4 from courts before? Can share your experience? Courts seems to be a better deal as it is bundling up storage bed frame with the mattress. I have heard of furniture being returned to Courts due to unable to pay the installment, is there a possibility that the mattress that bought from courts could be a returned goods and resold? Thanks, hope someone can clear my doubts.
  3. Hi, the door roller at the bottom of my wardrobe door had worn out and i am currently searching for replacement. But after going to typical DIY stores, i still can't find. May i know if there is a place where i can find the replacement. Thanks alot,
  4. Hi all, does anyone come across power meters that plugs into our 220V socket and allows us to monitor the power drawn from our appliances that are plugged to it? One version is the Kill-a watt power meter, but its for 110V, thus not usable for our 220V socket. Thanks
  5. mahojazz

    Diy Curtain

    Hi all, i intended to DIY my own curtain. But i have no idea where to get the metal aluminium railing(The traditional type) that allows the curtain to slide to either side. Anyone know where i can source for it? Thanks