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  1. this thurs/fri the electrician should be coming to fix the kitchen lights + plugs (omg I am still livin with fridge in living room and no light in kitchen for SO MANY MONTHS). There is still glass sliding door for kitchen + painting touchup to be done before the hosue can be considered completed. :/
  2. all blockout in bedrooms no organza living room is just normal type... dunno what you call it.. but not blockout they're good. the men who came clean up after themselves and are polite. tracking and sewing seems fine... no big problem
  3. Other side of MBR (in front of MBR toilet)
  4. My MBR wardrobe frame going up!! Kitchen cabinet frame going up!! MBR Wardrobe Incomplete kitchen!!
  5. After so long, my house is finally getting on! Curtains are up!!! Lovely. MBR curtains: Common Room 1 & 2 curtains: Ignore the ugly bedsheet!! Living Room!!
  6. no issues. the tip of my fan blade is about 1m from the cove lighting.
  7. ok i am friggin excited. as we speak, the curtain men are putting up curtains. !!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! CANNOT CANNOT CANNOTT!! Ok since I cannot wait I shall offer to help them. HAHAHA
  8. okok! is it REALLY good? hehehe
  9. Yes yes I will! My curtains are confirmed. It's $1,200 nett. For double layer whole house floor to ceiling. Can't wait. I'm mildly shocked by the progress of my carpentry. I say mildly because I think i have gotten used to Johnny's style of "project management". He said on Wed, carpenters can come to install both wardrobe and cabinet. So ok, I took leave. The carpenters also **** weird. They left at 8pm that night and said they were going for dinner. They didnt say they weren't coming back! And they didnt... Next day I msg Johnny and asked him whether the guys are coming on sat? Cos I told him before that if he need me to take leave to oversee, he has to let me know in advance. He just smsed me and tell me that the guys are coming later. I was on my way to work when I received this sms. Imagine what I could be feeling. So i told him nobody is ard at home and didnt bother to say anything other than that. I get angry/irritated/pissed also no use. Haiz So anyway I thank god my boss is understanding and flexible. He let me take urgent leave and I shall be staying home to oversee one more day of carpentry work. I pray they can finish by tmr!! the cabinets are looking pretty promising now. but i already spotted some chipping of the interior white laminate. That can be changed right?
  10. LOL I somemore go and ask what is "A" BAN HENG. hahahaha!
  11. What is a ban heng? lol My curtain guy coming to give quote and show materials tmr night. Today the carpenters are setting up my wardrobe + kitchen cabinet! So exciting!!
  12. Btw can you share how much he quote you plus the job scope?
  13. I met this lady and she was aloof, and not friendly at all! But she is not pushy, so that's 1 plus point for her. Too bad they are too exp. I also think didn't find any materials shown to me suitable to my liking.. IMHO.
  14. oh thanks for replying. i feel better. Sunrin quote me $1.8K, MGL $1.7K also... but Suntec quote me $1.2K for a lot more work than the other 2 companies!