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  1. Hi, my contractor has left us in a lurch. He did not complete our CSC. Also, water is seeping through the back yard. I called the Architect but it seems like he is also gone. I need advise on how should I proceed... Tried calling the Building Plan Department, only can left message but no one call back. Do I need a new Architect? On an estimate, how much do I need to pay?
  2. HI All, I hv engaged MMI Reno as the main contractor. My advise... DO NOT USE THEM! The deadling is constantly changing, they do not update project plans. The schedule always fall back. The ID takes forever to put together a drawing.... From the date that I started with them till now, it is almost a year and my project still not completed. They use small time subcontractors like 1 person company and their planning schedule is just screw up! Never ontime.... This is a bad experience!
  3. Hi Scenic, what is PM? Can you send to my email add: ser_austin@yahoo.com I have received the quotation from the contractors and I am lost... cannot make real comparison!
  4. Hi Scenic98, I am going to receive the quotations next week. Can you share the details of your quotations? Also, how long does it take to get all the offical approvals?
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum but the information are indeed important. I also wan to do A&A for my place... Nodame, can you share with me the details of your quotation? What you have done is also what I want to do for my new place.