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  1. Congrats for getting through.. I am going to start mine end of the year. Any tips to share and things to watch out for when dealing with contractors? By the way, can you share your contact of contractors?
  2. Hi Hubber, how is your A&A coming along? I am planning a re-construction works extending rear 2 floors and what you have done is similar to what I am looking for. Care to share the contractors and some details of your works? Looking forward to hear from you. Derek
  3. Hi, i am interested to find out what you have done as well as the details of your contractor and cost. I have plans to do re-construction works to my inter interrace. Regards, Derek
  4. Hi, I am also rebuilding my inter terrace. Poss to share with me the details of your contractor? I was told it would cost about 450K to put an additional attic but cost 200K for just extension on 2nd floor..
  5. Hi Leng Leng, thanks for sharing the information. Will like to learn more about what was included in the 338K and what was the GFA build up. Apart from the front and back extensions, did you have another attic? Did your interior furnishings include all the cabinets and wardrobes? My intention is to do the A&A the later part of this year.
  6. Hi Sub, the price quoted as about $110 per square feet and this lower than the $170 to $190 per square feet quotation I got from Design and Build companies. Possible to let me know who were you working with? I am thinking of doing a&a to my intermediate terace too sometime end of this year.
  7. I am new to the forum... I am thinking of doing an A&A to my intermediate terrace, putting up an attic to the existing 2 storey house and making some extensions. Wondering if anyone could provide advice on how to start. How should I structure specs to invite contractors to quote and advice on good and reliable contractors or A&A home builders.