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  1. Hi, We have, FSQ we tried n we r quite disappointed w the service, paid loads but lousy. if u have questions for her pls ask immediately she dun return calls or sms, never return mails too after taking ur $. pls keep this here n do not discuss out side this forum. as we do not wan to tarnish ppl's name abruptly. This is purely our own experience. She spent less than 2 hours n written my yr or birth wrongly n i did try calling to inform her but she never return my calls.Until 1 week later. She brushed it off by saying thr r no mistakes there. she wrote in black n white! Well then following days i tried like mad to contact her regarding abt placings of stuff she never replied. i spoken to her once thats all after the $688 we paid. n she says do it and come bk for review which is chargeable at $200. We text her for 2 weeks then she replies w a date tat we cant compromise so we tot since she's so busy she can keep her name card to herself. I can tell u all before u hand over the $ things r fine then after! somethings didnt work i shud say abt 50% incorrect. Pls judge for urself. especially when u got kids at home Cheers Good luck
  2. Hi, how big is ur land? maybe we can share info. I've got this good builder price not too bad, if u like i can give u his contact, honest guy. I also have got a very good ID, i think their ideas r good. If u like i can also provide details. i have not decided yet on any of them. Cheers Sandy
  3. Hi, We currently bought a place intending for total rebuild. yes u need load of authorities to sign n approve ur paper. u can get a good ID firm to do all the leg work, jus pay them alittle more. I've been asking ard rebuilding of original run down state 1 storey to 3 storey plus attic w/o furnishings can cost up to 700k includes marble flooring n tiled up toilets. Still deciding on who to approach. Hope u have a good time scouting jus like me! Cheers. Tay Family
  4. Hi, I've seen it worked before n its nice, wondering how much it cost? Where did u get it from as the site states for USA. Cheers Sandy
  5. Hi, Jus bought a very old house fit to be torn apart! Like to reconstruct so looking ard for a really reliable builder tat u have engaged before n trustworthy, price reasonable too. Any good ones to recommend pls kindly pm me. Cheers Tay
  6. Hi, We're currently looking for a place near ur estate, 3 rooms sounds good size for our small family, can u elaborate on price? i'm not an agent! Cheers Sandy