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  1. Hi csingeu, Sure... B.T.W, I nearly bought an unit at Blk 469 then when I was scouting for an unit but had to give it up as owner was asking quite ridiculious price and refuse to give into bargaining... Am glad any way that i found my current unit. Will PM you my contact details and do feel free to drop by for a look...
  2. The homogenous tiles I choose is not smooth surface one... It is matt surface thus not slippery when wet.... There is 2 kind of surface for homogenoues nowadays unlike few years ago wor... LADY R... U can pop by my house the next time you visit your new place during weekend wor... haha... anyway, we are kinda of near to each other lor... I am just round the corner to St.Fransis Assisi Kindergarten. Hee... one good reasons why I bought the flat last year was for the school... so that my 4yr old gal will start her nursery there this year, follow by her K1 & 2 thereafter. Ooo... by the way, my gal did fell fews times also inhoues initially, but not because floor is slippery... she fell down the stairs as she is also **** active one... but after a while, she get use to it liao. The last time even ended up "checking-into" NUH for observation. Have to be a bit careful initially lor as I see that you also have a coming 4 yr old gal...
  3. Hi, Welcome to the neighbourhood! I'm in St.42 too at blk 54X... Been here for almost a year now... I recall that when I 1st bought the house, the floor is also laid with marble. However I choose to hack it off at the lower floor and replace them with homogenous tiles as I have a 4 year old kid at home. Didn't want her to slip and fall when the floor is accidentally wet. For upper floor, I over-lay them with gray laminated flooring. Hee...Your master room concept is juz like what I've had done with mine. Great minds thinks alike! Cheers and good luck in your reno process
  4. Hi, Just bought and did a total revamp to my EM earlier this year with renovation completed in late April. We did built a toilet area downstair in the kitchen. Can but must go HDB and get permit. Your ID should be able to do it for you.
  5. Hmm... if I did not remember wrongly, it is 2+K, mattress alone. Comes with 2 free organic (aloe vera fibre) pillow ... May have to check out the bill when I am back home...
  6. In Chinatown, shophouses between the Hindu Temple and Budda Tooth Temple. It is a shop that sells alot of oil painting on cavas, different sizes, frame or not. I bought mine there and believe me, it is exactly the same as what you've attached, only that mine is in tones of black, white and gray.
  7. I bought mine at IMM. For what I know, IMM and Park Mall carries different models. At IMM: Service Wise - Good. Product Range - Limited for Lotus as they also carries other brands there. Ending... bought a king size Lotus mattress and so far, it is really good compared to the previous 2 that I had...
  8. Hmm...I've used them twice thus far with no issues and I actually do find their service attitude quite good. If you do a price comparison of theirs versus those at shops, it is true somehow that their prices are actually much lower for some models. For this, you should had enjoyed some substantial savings by buying through them. It is true that somehow, the delivery was screwed but personally, it does seems that they are sincere in doing what they can. As they've actually explained, it may be true that this is the best that they can offer as their profit is way low? Anything more may results in negative sales (which is just like giving you the goods for free) and since no way you can be "happy" on their supposed best, they could jolly well cancel the order and refund you the total amount and closed their doors on the matter...but they chose not to do so wor... Nevertheless, I guess you are entitle to your frustration but one should not get "carried away". I may seems nosey but I really think you should let the matter go as afterall, you've actually accepted the $100.00 compensation... willingly or not. As for me, I will continue to used them should the needs arises. Take care.
  9. Me! on both my hands and I am definately not a fengshui master (no intention to be one) this life... not sure about last and next... Stubborn yes but family for me always comes 1st and I normally do give in to them so till now after X no of years, I am still happily married to my one and only... B.T.W, my mum and my daughter have them too, also on both hands.
  10. Me got a king size Lotus Mattress when I shifted in end April 2010. So far so good I must say... compared to my last 2 previous buy. Very comfortable. Only complain I should have is when changing the bedsheets as the mattress is extremely heavy...
  11. Hmm, had tried Bras Besah and Opp Maxwell Market but couldn't find any. Will try the others you've suggested. Many thanks
  12. Hi, Anyone know where to buy 九福图. It is basically a painting or display that has 9 different of characters of 福 in it. Prefer those that is sculptured out maybe? TIA.
  13. Hi, Just collected Keys and started Reno last week. Total overhaul for my place too (Floor and Wall tiles, Stairs Landing and Glass railing, Replace inner bedroom Walls facing stairs with glass, Re-build toilet in kitchen, Total revamp of 2 Toilets upper floor, Changing all Windows & Grills & Doors, Full Kitchen revamp and design, full rooms revamp and design, Full carpentry design living and dinning...... and many more). Will be using lots of glass and mirrors in house.and yes, the reno bill alone came up to just over 100K. However I engage a ID for the work instead. Got several quotes from different ID during scouting and all quoted similar prices based on what I want. Good luck in your search.
  14. Yup... Agree this was a great price... It was the Liang Court Outlet that I went yesterday. Delivery was FOC too, maybe because of the fridge that I've bought together.