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  1. can windowl be paint? Can advise the type of paint to use pls. Thank you.
  2. no la, those stuffs were there for like quite long, overheard.... and they had it placed beside the rubbish chute. so uncle think & think & think and he took
  3. ya la but hor see liao heart pain for the owner (although i don't know who are they are la hehe). then somemore now CNY coming think they will have a half done cabinet till ... talking abt cabinet, mine was rectify 3 times, the door gap, laminate was tear out and replace, due to the lines are not right, we wanted it to be horizontal but the inner part they have it vertical, some part of the laminate were chip....
  4. Can't believe it. I saw a stack of new carpentry, likely to be kitchen cabinet placed below block 253 amk and some uncle and auntie were discussing abt should they take it and a few minutes later, the uncle remove some planks
  5. no problem the carpenter say cannot but ID say can and he had them fit the rack in. Hehe. Thank you
  6. ar... So that's the differences I have not notice the flush thing till u mention it. Thanks don't envy la, my place layout might have a big kitchen but my toilets and rooms are small Ossify hehe I am not planning to put pots or pans there just that the compartment only can fits one rack, if 2 racks were install. I cannot put plates at all. Lucky now only 2 pax, if there are more ppl I think I need another drying rack to be put beside the sink or I have to purchase those rack that can be hang on the sink.
  7. Thank you The worktop will be white
  8. nice cabinet May I know what's the height of your cabinet above the sink? The one which we store our plates etc. Cause for mine right, the carpenter say I can't fit in 2 dish rack, if install 2 I will not be able to put plates. Finding ways to resolve it TIA
  9. Kitchen Cabi up (Left side) View from kitchen door (Right side)
  10. hmmm seems like these lights are quite popular
  11. Oh it is, hehe so coincident remember we have the same wall tiles too, the white with blue stripe. My kitchen light is slightly different, I had it modified to include one more light tube so it is 32 +40 w, something like that. A bit regret that we bought 40w light for our room, kind of too big for my ceiling oops.
  12. Today lighting and switches up L-Box & Fan Kitchen Rooms lights (Hub say abit too big, oops) Toilet Used HP to take hence the poor quality photo, sorry
  13. Thanks for advise talk to ID, he say will re-do the bidet.