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  1. Anybody knows good lobang of where to get used or new carton boxes for house moving. i saw the box company selling at $4+ for 1 carton box. too ex...
  2. i dont know why the agent make my dad sign the otp. maybe he was thinking not to make so many trip down, make the process faster or had other plan in mind, i dont know. My dad is around in singapore. We are first time seller thus alot of thing also not too sure. $0 COV, selling at valuation price (thank god that it is still at valuation price and not less) yup OTP already granted. got to LL suck thumb liao...if can get a 20k to 30 k cov alot better...can use on renovation and furnishing bah...
  3. Hi therat, ya i guess no chance to revoke the sale cos cheque bank in and cash receive. hi mr anything, guess i would have to discuss with the agent on the commission part bah. yup i heard about the other forumers mentioning about the radio show working then so no chance to listen to 100.3fm hi nick, the agent went thru the HDB resale checklist with me and my dad earlier on. its just the option which is abit disturbing... i see what i can do to make the deal more justifiable bah... Thank you all for the advises
  4. thks forgotten and mr anything, the price is at valuation, most be lose 10-20k on the COV as the COV is pretty high right now. Guess cant do much as the cheque already deposited. Stupid me.
  5. My dad is gg to sell our flat. We got the service of an real estate agent who is our friend's friend to sell our existing flat. There is one day when I am not around, the agent had let my dad signed on a blank OTP and my dad who does not know english and blur blur sign it. The agent helped us to find some buyer. The agent already granted the option (the agent accepted the $1000 cash) and by the time i know it, the option is already execised on the day itself (my dad already bank in the $4000 cheque and taken the $1000 cash). that time we were like since that buyer had already execise the option then we cant do much also. I had been thinking it for days and feeling very uneasy about it... Since the option is already execised, is there a way to revoke the sales? What can we do? Someone please advise.
  6. thank for the info yjx thank for the website leadania. now i know the pro and con of using a top and front load washer summary: Top Load Pro: -Cheaper -Easier to maintain Front Load Pro: -More efficient (uses less water and detergent- like what yjx said) -More space for laundry Front Load Con: - Expensive $$$$$ - Difficult to maintain and susceptible to mold - Difficult to get rid of excess moisture thus can cause stinky smell over time Thank you for the precious info regarding the 2 in 1. Electrolux should be a good brand right. Sad to know that the clothes still come out damp after the drying. Next time you know what to get think i wont be getting the 2 in 1 already. Better to use natural dry. buy separate dryer and washer realli take up space...
  7. thk you Me,Jane.. will take a look at the topic!
  8. thks for the info mirkhanus, glad that now i know that the drying will take so long for the 2 in 1 machine.
  9. Hi people, I would like to ask the differences between a Top load and a Front load washing machine. And also, anyone using a 2 in 1 washer cum dryer? Any comment on the 2 in 1 washer cum dryer? Any value for $ brand to recommand?
  10. Hi people, I am currently living in a 4 room flat with aircon in 3 of the bedroom plus one compressor. I am downgrading to a 3 room flat. Can I remove the aircon units from my current 4 room to be use in my resales 3 room flat? I hope to be able to install them in 2 of the bedroom and then another one in the living room. Is it possible this way?