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  1. Hi seashell, can you teach me how to check for hollow tiles?
  2. Oh i saw it at Barang Barang @ The Central. Certainly not cheap, but may just give us some ideas!
  3. Hey bergkamp, pls share share with us if you have nice solutions.
  4. Thank you beruang.ndut. Acrylic is plastic, so it shouldn't be that expensive? I saw something similar at Barang Barang. But I think that place shouldn't be any cheaper right?
  5. I wish to install some racks in the bomb shelter. Does anyone have any cheap ideas to install bomb shelter? Are the DIY ones difficult to assemble? Welcome any ideas. Help me pls!!!
  6. Hi MeMyself&I, have you found a solution for your question? I wish to know how you solve it too. My last place was also beside a very noisy road. So I had to close the windows whenever I was in the room. ;(
  7. Hi beruang.ndut, did you try emailing Dama? How much did you quote you, mind sharing?
  8. I was at Gain City Marina and this sales gentleman took time to explain to me the different type and brand of aircon. He mentioned Mitsubishi Electric Starmex is more expensive because of Mr Neo. The other Mitsubishi is actually Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is actually a totally different company from Mitsubishi Electric (Mr Neo’s endorsement). Both may eventually be under the same parent company in Japan, but as far as he is aware, they are separate entities in Singapore! This is so interesting to me! I asked for his recommendation and he actually recommended Hitachi to me and didn't mention Toshiba at all. I was skeptical because Hitachi is not well known for aircon in Singapore. Or is it? The more he explained, the more interested I became. Stressed now. Anyone can help me?
  9. hello delaila, what made you choose Ideal over the other ID?
  10. Some IDs give FREE aircon, cooker hob, etc. I don't really want them as I prefer to choose my own brand. Will they lower the final price if I don't want the free gifts? Or the only way to forgo the free gifts is to choose OTHER IDs without free gifts?
  11. I saw the MD's face in some magazines. He looks like some taiwanese singers.
  12. Hello, I'm new here. Does anyone have a good florist to recommend who is able to provide good service at a reasonable price?
  13. Does anyone know truthfully if slim fit natural bust enhancement works?