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  1. Hi, Anyone can advise whether if it is okay to use wood to conceal the pipe then lay tiles over the wood? Thanks.
  2. Welcome to RT. Where is your house located at? Tampines? My EM is in Pasir Ris and now currently under renovation.
  3. Nope, I am saying in general. I engage contractor directly.
  4. Oh thats good. Wow you have to wait so long for your 1st appointment. I was quoted 37k intially, not doing much, just the toilets and kitchen. But later realise that they did not include this and that in their quote, have to top up about 5K. So I guess you have to be very clear what is quoted, don assume like me. I give you an example, for tiling I was told that my quote does not include materials like sand. Contractors are out to earn every cent from you, so got to be very careful. But lucky for me their workmanship is good, so I just console myself that I am paying for the quality.
  5. This is illegal actually. But many ppl still doing it anyway, provided the seller is agreeable.
  6. Hmm what about these items 1. HP Bills 2. Uitities Bills 3. Internet bills 4. Service and Conservancy Charges With inflation in mind, I guess minmally will need 2K. Lets say can live until age 85. That is 576K to be saved.
  7. So has the seller submit the resale application?
  8. Is your place facing drive 3 road? If not, I don think you will hear it.
  9. Saw it on HDB website, below is the link. Sigh... I think they are going to clear all the forest along Drive 3 in near future. http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10296p.nsf/Pr...6D?OpenDocument
  10. Hi All, Care to share how much do you think is enough if you are retiring at the age of 62?
  11. What he told me is HDB loan leh. Bepgof brought up a good point on what happens if you go down every month to do partial payment? Will HDB still entertain me?
  12. Thanks for all your advise guys. I will go for the system 4 then.
  13. Renovation day 14 80% of the tiles for kitchen and toilets are done. The tiler told me will complete on Wed. Here are thier progress so far. Kitchen For kitchen, left a few floor tiles. probably will complete on Mon. Ground toilet Master toilet
  14. Thanks for all your comment. The reason why I asked is that my colleague told me that HDB is charging him a fee when he wants to increase the monthly payment as they treat it as refinancing. I was quite shock as I have checked with the HDB officer before, she told me no charges. Hmm so now also confuse.