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  1. Hihi..

    Saw your post on your renovation work..

    Can send me the contact please? Email at lynntsc@yahoo.com


  2. hi..read ur post...

    do u mind sharing ur contractor's details as im looking for one for my new flat..thanks

    jolene (magicpiglet@hotmail.com)

  3. Hi, please can you sms me your contractor's number and name. My hp no. is 97980558. Thanks.

  4. sorry for the late reply. all pm replied
  5. HI there you can have a look at my link http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...624&hl=east
  6. Congrats on your EM.... Looks like what i am having for mine but i am in hougang area.. Good luck on your reno....
  7. nope the topic is not dead but i am almost dead haha too many things to do no time to add in new pics.... will do so when i am more free
  8. Hi there congrats on the house.... Usually not a lot of ppl buying EM becos too exp mah..... anyway good luck on ur reno.
  9. HI All, Sorry for the late reply was settling my my ROM. All PM replied
  10. Yes i did some electrical and the plumbing pipes was all changed no built-in wardrobes. Kitchen cabinets using laminates not blum system... If you are going to an ID sure it will reach 100K try to look for contractor it is a lot cheaper. Regards
  11. Mainly i did my 3 toilets, my kitchen, my flooring and my balcony so roughly its ab the whole house done up
  12. Hi ya yup my EM at hougang its at blk 628 How about you?
  13. Hiya, Congrats to your new house whole house reno is about 35K i have PM you the contractors number already
  14. Thank you..... consider quite smooth other than small hiccupps here and there...
  15. I am under ballot too i got 2nd place EM is good but cleaning is hard...... Nothing to envious about lar