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  1. Though I've never dropped it, the demonstrator says it will chip when dropped. These knives are available at major departmental stores like OG and CK Tang. I bought mine at a roadshow demo near my neighbourhood. Usually they sell it slightly cheaper than shopping malls. Bacteria will not thrive on these knives and your fruits like apples will not oxidise quickly. I can slice really thinly with this knife. Slicing through hard vegetables like carrots is effortless too. The cream coloured blade plus coloured handles (mine is green) looks really refreshing from the standard not to mention boring silver and black handles of most kitchen knives. It sits really pretty in my drawer and on my chopping board. Cutting up vegetables and fruits suddenly become elegant and feminine.
  2. I find the ceramic knife (not by Scanpan) great too! Ease of use and pretty. Now seems to be the craze in the market now. There are ceramic peelers too.
  3. I tried it on our floor which the parquet is already there for more than 10 years. After revarnishing, it's as good as new.
  4. I don't think so. If it does, it is discriminatory. If you know that you are pregnant and you disclose before you are hired, they may or may not reject you.
  5. If you are still in the midst of renovating your toilet, get them to build you a protruding concrete slab made out of hollowed block covered with the tiles of your choice in your bath area. Build it up till the height that you are comfortable with. Maybe around 80cm in height. Ta-da, that's your non-clogging, non-rusting rack.
  6. The company who does this selling of Eclipse mattresses sells them in trade fair and exhibitions only. If you see advertisements in ST where there are furniture and renovation fairs in Expo , AND if Eclipse is listed there, it means that they are there. Just approach them then. They don't retail in shops. They sell Spring Air mattresses too.
  7. 500 watts is not a problem. Vacuum uses 1000 watts and induction cooker uses 2000 watts.
  8. Yup. Cooked halfway finished then change over lor. Call up to replace the empty one.
  9. Wow, your questions are fast. I've used the oven for a few weeks only. My electrician provided a electrical point for it. Haven't done Pyro cleaning yet as it's still very clean. My flat is the 1997 type. Is that considered old or new?
  10. No prob if you have space. I used to do that.
  11. A friend of mine like parquet flooring as she likes the warmth feel of it. She feels that scratches add character to the floor!
  12. I've talked to the person in charge of our estate from the HDB Town Council before. He advised me not to overlay too as he had seen lots of cases of toilets with leaking issues. Better to hack and lay.
  13. I used to have a Dunlopillo with pillow top that gave problems. The first mattress came dirty and sagging in the middle. It was really obvious. Dunlopillo replaced with the same model, but we still did not like it, as the feel was really different from what we tried on in the showroom. In the end we paid a little more for a Dunlopillo without a pillow top that was firmer. I should say that it wasn't really that great as it sagged easily here and there and it had to be flipped regularly. I'm really not enamoured with Dunlopillo and will not get one again. But I didn't get such a bad service. They were prompt. That happened to me around 8 years ago.
  14. Acid washing causes this kind of problem. It eats into whatever kind of metal. Rust is unavoidable. If the washing is done by your contractor or ID, you can make a claim to them if your house is still under warranty.
  15. I can answer Q1 only. I installed this oven in my HDB flat. No problem.