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  1. kunzzy

    Hi Ene

    Can share with me what is the brand and color code you used for your room? Thanks a lot :)


  2. Oh wow. This must be the first time I am reading such negative feedback about Simmons. Am not a Simmons user myself because it was way beyond budget. We ended up with a mattress from Dunlopillo. Bought it at the shop itself at Furniture Mall. So far so good. Nice and firm without being uncomfortable.
  3. Yes I did. It is the ONLY number that's available for Lush. It is just odd lah. Maybe I'd try again today.
  4. Has anyone ordered anything from Lush at Upper Paya Lebar? They do replicas of designer furniture. We placed an order for 4 pcs of dining chairs on 29 June and it says that the due date is 6-7 weeks. Up till now, we have not heard a single thing. When I tried to call their ONE AND ONLY TEL NUMBER, I get automated options. Every option ends up to a voice message. I have never been successful in reaching a human voice. Does anyone know what is happening? We purchased a chair from them previously and there was no problems then. GAH!
  5. Funky smells? Just sun it! That's what I do with ANYTHING that smells funky.
  6. If you read the first post carefully, I believe he/she is asking about sofa that does NOT come with removable covers.
  7. What I do with my fabric sofa is to use a throw over it so that I can put my legs up on it freely without being nervous about it being dirty I'd be happy to know of any products that can help keep it clean as well.
  8. You can try one of the restaurants at Rochester? I know of weddings being held there.
  9. Yes, that was my original concern too but I have to say that after test-driving the car and seeing it 'in the flesh', it is rather impressive. Anyhow, haven't decided yet so still keeping an open mind. This is a review of the i30. Hyundai's new opus Story & pictures by Azfar Hashim It took a while for people to warm up to the Koreans, but in the last few years or so we finally seem to have taken it to our hearts. A perfect time, then, to launch the i30 - a sweet-smiling hatchback destined to seduce the practical set They say writers write from everywhere – anywhere that they think draws inspiration for them to write on something. And that’s what I’m doing now – I’m actually writing this whole review seated comfortably at the back seat of the brand new Hyundai i30. I’m having it good here at the back seat – it’s comfortable, spacious, and uncannily make me feel like I’m seated in a BMW 3-series. I’m impressed, really. The Koreans these days are churning out a new slew of automobile that answers to every price segment in the car market, and this i30 is something else. Well if you’re a pundit thinking “it’s just another Hyundai”, be prepared to be proven wrong. It’s more than that – for once, Hyundai has a product that’s on par with the Japanese and European in this segment. Heck, it even betters some of it - which is a good thing of course. Taking out Better than before is probably the best way to start my little critique of the i30’s exterior. Ok, to be more precise – better than the days of the Elantra XD. The exterior sways away from the normal and plain-looking Korean cars we’re used to seeing. To begin with, the i30 has a front that looks freshly modern with its flowing headlamps, gaping lower air intake, integrated foglamps and a little grill that holds Hyundai’s logo distinctively. The sides are well creased with flowing lines, making the i30 nicely proportionate. Despite its newness, there’s a definite hint of “seen it somewhere before” about the i30’s rear. You’ll instantly notice how there’s an uncanny blend of the Mark 2 Fiat Punto and BMW 1-series…But it’s easily forgivable as it’s nicely done - especially the vertical lamps, which makes the i30’s rear prolific enough when compared to the likes of your ordinary Japanese hatches. Fret not if you think the alloys doesn’t do any justice to the i30’s exterior - unlike the test car, all i30s will come shod with 17-inch alloys wrapped in 215/50 R-17 Yokohama rubbers.
  10. ene

    Egg Chairs

    Thanks! Lush was having a sale (couple of months back) and we got it for $960.
  11. Sorry but I don't get you. What do you mean?
  12. ene

    Egg Chairs

    We ordered an egg chair reproduction from Lush and it arrived recently. Happy with it.
  13. Both systems I checked (from Home Niche and Ezzi Living) are hand-powered. I have also asked about the strength needed and both persons told me that it is not a problem for me (I'm pretty petite). Today, both Home Niche and Ezzi Living came to my place to measure and do quotations. I asked for the pull-down-push-out type for my small yard area. Home Niche Salesguy was rather beng-ish Told me that he has to remove my wooden blinds (!) that I just installed for the system or else there'd be no space to push out. I was very reluctant to move the blinds because they are newly installed! He did offer to move it as well as patch up the holes but I really wasn't keen on all that moving, drilling, etc. Cost = $750. Ezzi Living Salesguy was prompt and on time. He checked out my yard area and did the measurements. Introduced their Australian-made pull-down-push-out system. I asked if he needed to move my wooden blinds and he was quite amused by my question Said no need! Can just mount on the side wall concrete. I told him what Home Niche said and he told me that they are the suppliers of the Aust-system. He told me that the one sold by HM I was comparing is made in taiwan. Also, EL does for many condos. Cost = $650 In the end, signed with Ezzi Living. They are coming to install for me tomorrow. I'd post up pix! [edit] Here are photos of the pull-down-push-out system from Ezzi Living. It's called the Ez Hi-Dry system. It uses a hydraulic system. It wasn't super light but it wasn't super heavy either. I believe it's a matter of how you push/pull it in. Stored up Downloaded Extended out
  14. Hm...am not too sure about the double/single pleat thing. I just wanted curtains and they came like this! The curtain hooks are metal. Don't get plastic - they look cheap! The ones done by Mr Chew are metal (I didn't get a choice - he just installed them!)
  15. Yes, am considering the i30. Actually test-driven it. Pretty good drive but the price is a little on the high side