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  1. hi peeps juz wanna share.. i got mine at PPC.. 2 bedrooms plus hall .. installation all in full set cost me less than 250..
  2. i jus need smeone to install or deliver and provide the rods... anyone knows?
  3. anyone brought from neowin in peoples park before? I have a 2.78m in length window for my living room.. and i prefer to do wooden rod.. so i guess i have to buy 2 pcs? anyone knows if the gap in da centre will be very wide?
  4. is actually after hack n cement screed.. plus laying of da tiles.. den become like dat? prob is below is ok.. on top is zzzzzzz
  5. er i very petite in size not even 1.6m..zzz i comparing da height now with old basin.. like da new one is SO SO SMALLER and lower? i think i need go back n measure the actual one
  6. is abit "mini" for me ? i mean so used to da old types so big er.. my contractor told me 34 inches is da standard height wor.. he no ask me before he install.. zzzz
  7. my squarish basin although i find also abit small.. but at least the size is still so much acceptable.. but dunno why so weird.. zzzzzz
  8. juz install da basin plus toilets today with da stainless steel water pipes... but i dunno why da height so short? can anyone advise the standard height? and also.. i dunno if it is my feel or wad.. i find my basin **** mini! compare to the actual sample i saw in da showroom.. argh
  9. my 2 BR plus storeroom.. yea.. but da electrician also need to cfm i am ok to lay the wires like that.. and becoz i very fickle minded and need a 2nd opinion and thats why took me so long to cfm da area plus how to run..
  10. i know nuts.. thats why i am posting for answers.. zzz
  11. same model you using? my maid needs to cook daily and i also loves to cook.. heard abt the positive reviews on fujioh and decided to buy this... reno somehow is ok.. but juz felt that my door frame cannot be remove as i m not changing my flooring as exisiting is broken marble.. and da old door frame is da metal type.. haiz... and i have like spend 2.5hrs to decide where to put my electrical wiring.. and i cant remember da height and area and is affecting me in choosing da right furniture..
  12. the aircon water pipe flowin out.. abit ugly..maybe i get a 3m hook to lift it up so it dont lie on da floor? the kitchen base and wall tiles all up.. together with da feature wall on da other side.. yayyyyy!
  13. Windows up.. pending for grilles to be up next week... Common toilet wall tiles up..
  14. My hob n hood have arrived! My new aircon compressor also arrived!