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  1. you may check with the local distributor for the brand. Last time my hood got spare part problem, I go to their distributor office and buy the spare parts there.
  2. Hi Livinstyle. Sorry about the late reply. The price for 4 pc corner granite shelves is SGD$320 from my renovator.
  3. The granite shelves is provided by the renovator. He cut it to the size suitable for my bath area. cannot remember the cost off hand. I check for you later tonight. We like marble tiles but cannot pay those high price. Hence, we settle for "marble like" type of tiles. Did not know that marble need to kept dry. haha.
  4. Hi Livinstyle, tried to take a clearer picture for you just now. But it is not going to tell much. The shelfing is granite. Did not see how the renovator install it. From the look of it now, it seems that they cut a groove into the tile to insert the shelf, because there is nothing else to support the shelf below and the shelf is solid strong to support all our showering equipments. For the bathroom wall, we put the plastic strip at the edges. Originally, the renovator agreed to do the 45 degree cut of tile for the corner. However, after we choose the tile, he suggest that we use plastic strip because 45 degree cut tile is weaker (unlike the true marble). So, considering we have small children at home, we changed to plastic strip for round corner.
  5. think we are talking about the same person. like you said, sean wong is a approachable guy(no wear spectacle).
  6. hi berry_surprise. I bought everything from GuangZhou area. Quite a lot of furniture shops there. I order personally from the shop and gave them the warehouse address of my freight forwarder for delivery. The freight forwarder took care of all the shipping and transport.
  7. My reno was done by Sean from Ideal house 21. (not sure whether this is the same firm as "ideal house") Anyway, highly recommend his work as the quality, attitude and pricing are all pretty good. Compared with my previous renovation experience a few years ago. My reno t-blog at: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33235
  8. I just engaged a door-to-door service from some freight forwarder. they take care to ship it to my house. I separate the shipment in3 batches so that any defects from previous batches can still ship a 2nd part for replacement. So, each batch is a few cubic meters.
  9. the track is hidden in the gypsum board and the floor tile. Exposed behind the wall will be very ugly.
  10. The final look of the master toilet. Bought a matching pocelain toilet set with cup, soap box, hand liquid container, etc. Shipped together with the sofa and furniture from China too. Cheap cheap Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. just moved into the new house and did a housewarming party last weekend. Now, let me upload some picture of the house now. This is a snapshort of the dinning area. Uploaded with ImageShack.us my study room and living room separated by the TV wall. With the computer at one side and TV at the other side, and a media box connecting, I can watch HD movies downloaded from the Web directly on my big TV now. The sofa and coffee table are all purchased in China. Else, cannot afford to buy such high end stuff. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Purposely designed a TV cabinet with a section of tinted class so that I can hide all the set-top boxes (singtel, starhub, media box, power socket). and the low hide TV cabinet acted as extra chair during my house warming party. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. Hi Shespawn, my ID is sean wong from idealhouse 21. you can contact him at 9699-8879
  13. Could not remember the exact name of the shop. It is at somewhere near Ang Mo kio. My reno ID brought me there. So did not pay attension to the name. The cost is $4 per sqf. Hence, I paid an additional of total $260 to my reno ID for the 2 toilet, on top of the original quotation based on $2.3 psf.
  14. this toilet cabinet was bought and ship over from china. It is made out of solid real wood, with basis top and wooden wall mounted mirrow cabinet as a set. Compared with the other toilet cabinet I asked my ID to custom made for the other toilet (mainly because of the odd size of the other toilet), I think the cabinet set from China was quite a good deal. cabinet from china: Uploaded with ImageShack.us custom made cabinet (quality is good, no complains. Just that the price is no where near to something directly bought from china.) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. Living room after installation of glass partition and tv console. It looks quite spacious now. but the design feeling may not be out yet. Think need to move in the furnitures before the theme comes out. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. we all like the white kitchen design in IKEA. So, out kitchen cabinet is nearly all white also Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  17. after installation of toilet cabinet and glasses Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. my wife chose a white marble like wall tile for the toilet
  19. The L thing is a groove to insert the glass partition. the column is going to be the backing for my TV. My budget not big. So, did not do the feature wall. Just a white thing to hold the TV is enough.
  20. Demolish the ugly window and window grid at study room and living hall. Changed to something clear and white. And lay the floor with marble like tiles Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. of course not everything. He said it depends on the beam itself. The balcony beam was a very thin one. Remember that he said something about less than certain cm. Other beams in the living room bigger than that cm width cannot remove.
  22. total 40k. May need to add 1~2k later as I asked them to build 1 more cabinet towards the end of the reno
  23. The branch officer came up to see the demolition himself and allowed to proceed.