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  1. hi darren, can pm me your contractor too pls. tq

  2. Hi Darren, could you Pm your id's contact. Thank you :) 

  3. Hi Darren can i get the contact for the contractor you use for renovation. Thanks

  4. Hi Darren07, kindly pm me your ID contact details.



  5. Hi

    Please PM me your ID contact details.


  6. Hi Darren07, pls send me your ID contact details & company name.


  7. Hi Darren, I'm not sure how to send a message to you using this website.

    Could you tell me your trastful ID contact No?

    Thank you for your great help.

  8. can share your ID info?

  9. Hi,

    May I have the contractor's contact? Thanks :)

  10. Please PM your ID/Contrator. Thanks


  11. Hi darren07, can PM me too your id contact? Thanks in adv

  12. hi darren,


    can i have ur id contact please? thanks

  13. Hi Darren,

    Can you pass me the contact of your ID please?
    You may send here or to andrew.tham.zy@hotmail.com if convenient, thanks.





  14. Hi Darren,  

    I'm looking for an id too. Can you pm me your id details? 

  15. Hello Darren, I'm starting to shop for ID with my husband and would love to check out the one whom you have engaged. Would you mind sharing his/her name and contact? Many thanks in advance!