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  1. sorry cant resist taking pictures of my MBR toilet area finally kitchen stuff + dining table
  2. today, most of the furniture and fixtures i ordered came. except dining chairs. supposed to be a happy day, but got the sad news from Kevin that Citygas detected gas leak when install. so he will get contractor to check the source on thursday. hopefully can find the source else got to tear down the cabinets anyhow, here are some nice pictures to lighten my day. i will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed first came my coffee table and sofa bought from Lifestorey next came my bed
  3. hi laiwh no leh, it is not my house he needed to focus on lah... i basically let it autopilot... it's luckyanli's! hehe...
  4. Hi Today is my handover from Kevin. Would like to give my review on him as my ID. Note that this is my 2nd time renovating and I must say despite another forummer's comment that Kevin is not very experienced, I am overall satisifed with his service. Specifically Tiling - very good workmanship. there was only 1 chipped tile and 2 grout lines unfilled. Toilet had good gradient for flowing to the drainage hole. Carpentry - good, and they clean up after each day's work. I requested for extra shelving at one box up cabinet, and it was swiftly done the next day! Painting - ok, i guess its handwork so I wasnt expecting perfectly smooth wall. there was touch ups to be done, which was promptly corrected towards the end of the reno. Plumbing - ok. my only regret was i was fussy and didnt really like where he put my heater, but then i can live with it. so, if you are anal about where you want to put sinks and mixers and others, just communicate beforehand so they dont make already then need to rectify. Electrician - ok. but again, i didnt like some of the places where the switches were. but cant say its their fault cos i didnt have time to be there when the installation happened. they just put in the usual places where switches are placed. Having said that, Kevin did learn quickly about my idiosyncracy, and he tried as much as possible to call me before installation. Windows and grilles - due to some miscomm, my grilles had to be reworked. I was very specific about what I wanted but I guess things happen. Kevin was prompt and responsible to call the contractor to rectify. Last but not least, PRICE - I obtained 5 quotes in total, and I must say Ideal House is definitely competitive. More important, there was no hidden cost, and I think the deciding point that led to choosing Kevin was the fact he tried to save money for me from our first meeting! And of course in any reno, you only add not deduct, so I wanted to be on the safe side and budget another 10% from the original quote. Time taken : exactly 8 weeks for a 92sqm total tear and build operation. My thoughts: communication is very important, and I think what worked was I trusted him (or rather, I was too busy to monitor him! haha) and he also learnt my likes and dislikes along the way. It's almost like a relationship. Except this one need to be fast forward and we only had limited time to complete. Thanks Kevin for making my reno process enjoyable and painless. Will always remember the "call" you got on the first day of hacking. Scared the s*it out of me!
  5. installed mirror which Kevin posted. going to check out the house now...
  6. its quite common for walls to be not symmetrical to the floor for HDB. I have the same issue as well, carpenter will just try to seal up the gap. unless, you want to spend time & $$ to plaster the ceiling as well..
  7. hi advancer, thanks for the compliment. i have been following your blog too, and i think you have a nice layout as well. it's just that i NEED a bigger toilet other than the miserable small one of our floorplan, so decided to put out the basin. wanted to install a bathtub, but ID scared will have downstairs leakage nightmare! kekeke... i think this one will do... save $$ also... your dining is also nice, again, i prefer a straight layout as i need space for my cats litterbox area and food area... i didnt need a big dining area as there's only me and mum... will post pics when done up and all appliances are in, ie. BEFORE it gets messy
  8. I had hacked away the wall between 2 bedrooms. That's why its so big.
  9. i think the switch alignment can be easily fixed. As for the pipes, I think cannot expect 100% straight. For me as long as no leakage, water pressure good, that is more important.
  10. hi luckyanli your kitchen looks great... nice colour combi!
  11. Anyone use them before? Appreciate any feedback, as I need to make curtains soon. The lady staff Mei Yan seems ok.
  12. yep, definitely not only you... but i am beginning to feel impatient esp when you are so close and yet so far! haha... dont worry, it will be completed in no time... cheers!
  13. carpentry is almost completed! next will be solid surface, plumbing, city gas, and touch ups. overall satisfied with my ID's service and dedication. thanks to Adah for recommending him! anyone interested do PM me for his contact. I think he passed my very stringent and fussy standards! window grilles that need to be reworked. i asked for 3 inch width and square, turn out like this. it looked nice and i had no heart to reject, ID decided to modify and add bar in between so my cats cant escape! almost completed kitchen cabinets mum's wardrobe - happy with the clean cut design. ID and me dunno modify how many times liao... my TV feature wall - ID did propose some nice designs with cabinets but i felt its not my style, in the end still went for boring white i love my wardrobe cum display cabinet cum vanity area!