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  1. Pls refer to the link. Thank you. http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/449183/8601723.html?1373880685
  2. There is this mouldy smell coming out of the wardrobe. That is when I dismantle the shelves and the drawers and find that the smells comes strongly from where the pics which I have taken. The smell is so overwhelm that whenever I slide the door to open, the smell almost choke me and worst it clings on the clothes. I had taken out all my clothes and washed it and let it 100% dry before putting it back inside (after I put wood filler and paint the affected parts). I even had to resort of using white vinegar to stop black mould appearing at the top of the cupboards and at one side of the cupboard (this has to be done every few weeks). The room has other 3 PAX wardrobe (50x60x236cm) and 1 aneboda drawers but none has black mould or smell mouldy. So how do you explain that Karen? I think it is pretty stupid for anyone to believe a sales person whose target is only to earn profits and making sales. I am here to share my dissapointment and I am telling the truth. There is nothing for me to hide and I do not gain anything by making efforts to reply and share my dissapointment again and again. I am not from any competitors, if I am I would have mentioned the competitors name. Why do I do this? To share with you so that you do not get cheated. I wished I had paid more for a local carpentry. My kitchen cabinet has been standing still for 7yrs, despite having exposed to heat everyday. And I expect a custom wardrobe would have a life longer than that since it is not exposed to moist or steam. 2 yrs and it is already this bad.
  3. I do have square living room but my bed room is led by a corridor which I am pleased abt. I ve seen my other neighbours who seperate the living dining into 2 which makes the livnig so cramp and small compared to mine... my living, dining side by side.. so ample space for my kid to run around infront the TV. What u can do to add more privacy to your bedrooms is to put a feature wall cum TV console right before ur bedroom doors. This will also act as a false corridor that lead to ur bedrooms. Ur sofas will be placed against the wall right beside the balcony. So u will be able to enjoy the view, breeze even when seating inside... another plus is that the sunlight will not glare the TV screen. Ur dining table... opt for slim rectangle ones so that u can use up the length of the space. Place it beside the sofa which nearer to the wall of where ur store is. U can have those build in benches with storage. Hopefully this helps...
  4. The greenish part is the mould. This is the top of the cupboard. I have no idea how and where the stain comes from. It suddenly appears and only at one side. On top of it are boxes of clothes which I have checked the bottom... no such stain. Less than 3yrs and see the condition of my wardrobe from Amare La Casa. The bottom of the drawers are all MOULDY! The greenish colour in the grain of the wood are the moulds. You can smell it. I had to use wood filler and paint it. There are also 2 other ikea cupboards in the same room. Both Ikea cupboards are near the window which is more prone to mildew... however none of the cupboards (which I bought at the same time as Amare La Casa) is mouldy. For those buyers who gave such good reviews... I hope u will come out and tell the truth. It will be really surprising if ur cupboard doesn't end up like mine. Extremely dissapointed. It just gives me headache to think that I might need to remove this wardrobe and get a new one done.
  5. I was one of the customer posted in the 1st page of this thread and that was abt 1yr ago. I cannot believe after all the complaints from plp... they are still providing poor workmanship and customer service. Tsk tsk tsk. It was just too bad u did not see this thread before getting from them. During my time, they did not even have a website and this thread did not exist... sadly they still have supporters and think plp like me who kena from them is in conspiracy with their competitors... anyway someone did went to case and file the report against them and won... she also did the 6ft if I am not wrong. Sometimes... it is not abt the money... u usually keep furniture (especially build in) as long as u live in the same house... so understand ur disspointment. Haizzzz....
  6. Actually if you goggle Princebed... the website clearly states that this is made in Spore. I love the plushy type of mattress and have checked out almost all major retailers and find that the one that I want would cost above $2.5K for King size without bedframe. Initially wanted to get Dunlopillo Elizabeth but changed my mind cos I am planning to have a 2nd child and new baby means vomit, urine leakage and so on. So changed my mind to get something cheaper. I dropped by Cheap Mattress Centre at Balestier opp. Whampoa HDB flats where my in-laws are staying (beside Quality Hotel). The manager there are very honest at giving opinions and he do not have any sale tactics to lure you. So finally has gotten a King Size storage bed with princebed mattress model "Relaxation". Been using it for 4mths now and it is sooo comfy and plushy. Total price with storage bedframe is below $2.5K. It is worth it for that kind of price.
  7. Even if you get a more expensive ones and paying 4 times more but can last for over 20yrs... the value would still be the same. For me, I would rather change my mattress every 5yrs and that was why opted for Princebed rather than Dunlopillo or Simmons. I got the "Relaxation" model from Cheap Mattress Centre at Balestier (opp. Whampoa HDB flats (my in-laws staying there) and beside Quality Hotel). We actually have gone in numerous times and was having doubts at first because for one... I have also gotten my furniture and electrical items from major retailers. Every time we went the manager was very humble and honest. He was very patient in answering our questions too. Maybe you should just drop in and take a look at what they can offer you based on your preference and needs... example some plp prefers plush while others prefers firm.
  8. I have seen this at Ikea before... and it was very cheap but it does'nt look very durable. I have also seen this at Howard Storage, Giant and Carrefour. It is pretty common... I think the expensive ones are heavier.
  9. I am glad that I goggle their name before meeting them this coming Saturday. My son has enrichment class at City Sq every Sat so last week I drop by the newly opened Mattress Atrium. The lady sales person could not help me at all and asked me to wait for his boss to finish explaining with their other customers. Since I was unable to wait, I told her I would come by again this coming Sat. FYI, I find it strange when I talk to the sales lady. Firstly, she could not even (do not want) to tell me the price of the mattresses. Secondly, she kept insisting that I wait for her boss to finish up with the other customer. I was like... if need to wait for her boss to explain to me... why is she there in the first place??!!? I guess the boss was a sweet talker that is why she insists on me waiting. Few other things was that she asked me if I can close a deal on that day... I was kind taken aback cos who in the right mind will be able to decide without even knowing the pricings first!!!! We were pressing for time cos we were heading somewhere else but this lady was trying very hard to make us wait by praising our son... asking all unrelated things which was kinda frustating for me! I asked her abt "Princebed" brand maker and she first said made in Europe... and my husband said assemble in Thailand and she agreed... I was like huh??!!?? From what I know (Princebed their website: http://www.princebed.com/subpage.asp?page=continuous.htm#) they are made in Singapore. I am just glad that I do not need to hear the BS story and skip the whole appt!!! I ve actually gone to Mattress Centre at Balestier before and the sales person was very honest and gives good pricings on top of suggestions... I think I may just go with my guts feeling and get my mattress from Matrress Centre instead.
  10. I guess if u get the wardrobe from them "IT ALL HAS TO DEPEND ON YOUR LUCK!". Maybe me and the othe person are just UNLUCKY?!? *sigh*.. I would rather ve a good comment than a bad one for any reviews... but I was unfortunate enuff to have to vent my frustation instead. I cried so much when I first saw the condition of their wardrobe... I was like "I should ve just gotten my family contractor to build it or get it from Ikea instead". It was'nt as if u could just turn ur back around and pretend not to see the flaws... u ve to see it everyday and that unsatisfactory feelings really sucks. Come on... chipped drawers, smudged silicons, wrong measurements... these are few flaws u cannot just close ur eyes to. I ve said enuff... so I rest my case now. Anyway Good luck New buyers... u may need it!
  11. Darknight, seriously...are u talking sense here? Do u know how much it would ve cost me to dismantle and then get a new contractor to build a new one? It is not only abt money... it is HARD WORK! I ve to get all my things out and then re-arrange back. Not to mention the problem will I face with my newly painted walls! U know what... I believe in retribution... what comes around goes around. If u ever ve to go thru such a dissapointment in future be it with any item that u purchase and u as a customer... do remember what u ve just mentioned here. If I was really a competitor, how would I ve pics of the smeared silicon edges? Also, most Almare La Casa competitors are well-established. Almare La Casa did not even ve a website when I first signed up with them... unlike the rest of the similar companies that are exhibiting at the expo. Anyway buyers...it is ur money and not mine after all... I am here to share my frustation and dissapointment that I had with them and their end products. I did try to do my homework before I signed up... then... they do not ve website and not even mentioned abt their products quality in renotalk or other forums. That is why I wanted to share these infos... up to u to believe me or not. Whatever decision u take is not my problem... not my loss anyway... cos I am already suffering with what I ve from them. Most probably will take that out in 2yrs when I need to do new paintjob for the rest of the house.
  12. Wow... new members suddenly create acct just to reply and support Almare La Casa! Strange...reallly strange. I ve read other threads before in renotalk where many customers were not satisfied with a particular company and suddenly there are few newbies who supports them. I mean only a fool would believe that these are genuine response from the so-called satisfied customers. I just hope you new buyers be careful... no one wants to ve their business fails and would be willing to go great lengths to "cover" themselves. Just becareful... after all it is ur hard earned money... and unlike electrical appliences... u can't simply discard and get a new one. U r STUCK with it for years to come. I hope Almare La Casa will not resort to such low act and improve themselves instead. Honesty is the best policies. No point getting business deal once twice from one person... u would want business deals to expand by word of mouth... good after sales service is important as well.
  13. These are few of their workmanship. I am unable to take pic of many others cos already put in clothes. One of it included chipped drawer edge.
  14. I am disappointed with Almare la casa. We signed up with them at Lifestyle 21 exhibition Spore expo in Apr 2010. I just wished they were more honest rather than trying to pull a fast one on me when they came to finalize the wardrobe design. 1) At the expo: Promised Unlimited no. of fittings, drawers and shelves. When came to discuss: She was not too happy when I asked for many pull out drawers and even tell me that I have too many drawers. I had to remind her that she did mentioned to us it is unlimited. If it is too expensive to have many drawers than she should have give a limited no. of drawers. Example I insisted a pullout drawer for the 2nd highest shelve cos that is where I will put in all my towels and because of the depth of the cupboard it will be impossible for me to take out my towels while standing on a stool (I am not tall, only 1.6m). So I asked for a pull out so that I can pull out and take things out of there. She gave all sorts of reasons and give ridiculous advise that it will not look nice with the tracking seen from below. Errmmm... there are opaque sliding door and wardrobe is personal... I don't think it is open for public to see!!!! 2) At the expo: We asked them if there is 1ft drawers. And they mentioned they have many range of sizes and it is possible to make 1ft drawers. I understand that this is not fully customised and they are ready made sizes from Australia. When came to discuss: She said that 1ft drawers are too small and it took her a long long time to finally advise me to get a 1.5ft drawers instead. It was as if she was trying her very best for me to drop the idea of having the 1.5ft side of 5drawers and suggested many times for just using shelving. I did not give in to her and finally she did as what we had said. 3) At the expo: We asked abt our problem abt removing and un-assemble our current cupboard from Vhive. She mentioned at first that she only give free removal for built in and we could simply asked town council to remove our cupboard. Our sliding door for our current cupboard was abt 4ftx2 and are very heavy for my hubby to un-assemble himself. So she claimed she will get someone to un-assemble for us free of charge. When came to discuss: She insisted that Town council are able to un-assemble for us and it is very simple to un-assemble. When we asked her if Town council is not able to than will she do it for us. She then asked my hubby to un-assemble himself and gave a long explanation. My hubby said it is too heavy for him to un-assemble the heavy sliding door and he have no knowledge on un-assemble the rest of the pieces. Than she said she can get someone to un-assemble the sliding door and the rest the town council can just unscrew to 2 (4ft x 2) and bring the cupboard out. I had to tell her it is in 8ft length in one piece and not in 4ft + 4ft length as she had claimed and there is no way for anyone to drag the cupboard out of the small corridor. They have to un-assemble all pieces before taking out. She did not believe us and when we showed her she finally understands but she asked us to get the "special" allen key from Vhive in order for her to dismantle. I called up Vhive and they said "If she is a cupboard maker, she should know that this is normal allen key. Nothing special." I managed to sold my Vhive cupboard and get Vhive plp to disassemble and assemble back to the new owner. When the cupboard is finally FIXED! 4) The plp who fixed the cupboard did not follow to the same drawing measurement that we had discussed with this lady Karen. He claimed that Karen is only the retail plp and the one that fixed it is them. If that is so why aren't they the one do the measurement and advise us during the finalization? Whatever Karen has discussed was not done. 2 inches of my cupboard are wasted because of design fault. 2 inches for a 6FT wardrobe is A LOT! I could squeeze in 20pcs of clothes on the hanging poles. And what u see at the exhibition... the quality is NOT AS GOOD. The drawers are not smooth when pulled out. The silicone looks smeared everywhere. It was just **** messy. Quality wise really really sucks to the max. I think even Ikea ones looks more solid than this one. I just cannot believe this is from Austraila. 5) I wished I had opt for normal carpenters who can really customized your wardrobe according to your needs. And not Almare La Casa who has so many limitations with end product like mine! I waited one mth plus for the cupboard due to their waiting time for the frame.... and with a disappointing end results!!!!!