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  1. Hi, Anyone has installed a auto timer switch for water storage heater.. I always forget to turn off the switch and feels it's a waste of electricity. I tried finding in Homefix and they don't have those in-wall timer switch, they only have the external one. Can someone recommend a place to get? Thanks. Regards,
  2. wow.. very nice toilet. May i know where u bought your toilet rag? and the price?
  3. Cont from above. MBR (view from study area) MBR TV Feature
  4. Finally all my lights and carpentry are done. Been busy cleaning up the house every wkend. Manage to snap some pictures yday Happy National Day to all forumers Living Ceiling (Blue) Living Ceiling (Orange) Hasn't got time to paste my LED strip properly. You will see the LED dangling out. Living TV Console (Blue) Living TV Console (Orange) Bar Top With Light Installed
  5. Kitchen Cabinet with hood MBR Wardrobe MBR TV Console MBR Basin MBR Tap Pardon the poor picture quality, i'm a noob photographer.
  6. Alittle update on our reno 75% of our carpentry work are up. Missing the mirrors, glass and granite top for kitchen TV Feature Wall Bomb Shelter Feature Bar Counter 1 Bar Counter 2 Bar Counter Chair that we bought
  7. It's marina blue, bro.. Prob the lights in the afternoon makes the blue lighter in the picture. Seng.
  8. No prob. It's always good to look around and keeping ur options open. If we manage to use it b4 u buy one, we can give u feedback on it.
  9. Wife's choice is $600 but at another shop. If u keen, can also check back with IDA lighting to see if they can get the same light for u.
  10. As for our dining light, hubby and I have different perferences. Wife's Choice (Off) Wife's Choice (On) Hubby's Choice (On) Hubby's choice also comes with warm light but we forgot to take pictures of it as well as picture when the lights are off. So which one is nicer? I like both but would prefer the one with the circles. Our final choice is ... *drum rolls*... Hubby's Choice! We saw this dining light at a few shops but none of their prices can match with that given by IDA lighting. We also bought our study area light from IDA lighting but again we forgot to take picture. Note: The pictures are taken by my lousy handphone, so the quality is quite lousy. The real lights are nicer than what are shown in the pictures.
  11. After a long search for hanging lights, we finally made our purchase of our MBR and dining lights. Hubby & I bought our MBR light from Krystallos Lite (located at Geylang). MBR Light (Off) MBR Light (Off) Both of us love the pink 'raindrops'. The white glass sticks match well with our white wardrobe while the pink raindrops add contrast to it. You can switch on the light with its blue LED light or warm light or both. It comes with a remote controller. We simply heart our MBR light.
  12. It will be a bit close to the bed. I suppose the person sleeping nearer the window will have to walk behind the feature wall to go in/out. The compartment for the players will be protuding from behind the feature wall and become the dresser area. May be a a bit cramp but should have sufficient walking space. Will post the real thing once it's done up.
  13. Hi raider, The Vees Delicooker costs $1288 and we bought it at Expo Megatex 2010 in April. According to the sales person, the advantages of this cooker over induction hob are that it's more energy saving and the radiation emitted is very much lower. The induction hob emits very high radiation. The negative point is this brand is not well-known locally and hence not sure how good it is. Have not got the chance to use it yet.
  14. The progress looks fast and everything is falling into place nicely. Anyway wat is the colour of the laminate for ur kitchen cabinets and bar counter? Maroon?