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  1. That's good, most ppl in forum still see that high COV for good hot areas near MRT will remain. Someone said its the same as queue for food in hawker centre which is very true. Ppl like the food, they queue. If there are less good units on sale, the next unit that put up for sale will command excellent premium. maybe 50K++.
  2. I saw HDB August 2010 figures in Lor lew lian area - all between 6 to 10 floor: 3 room corner - $300K 3 room corridor - $300K 3 room corridor - $257K Do you al think the prices a bit wierd. I suspect the 257K and corner ($300K) was done internally with possible COV separte arrangement or is a unit in original condition or was closed earlier and 1st appt only much later. The 3 room corridor looks like the true selling price. I check with agent last week and he say all units there if not prepared to pay $300K, no way can get. The units opposite already shoot up > $370K. This is crazy mkt.
  3. Nowadays, Younger genertaion sell flats, they do it themselves. Just take note of following: a) When advertise in Newspapers (Juz say "Already co-broke"). Dun let agents fool you to sign anything.. b) Be careful when allow agents with clients to cme in (they may not reveal true price to their client, juz using yr flat as showcase and ltr convince their clients to buy elsewhere). Talk to buyers directly when there is a chance and tell them yr asking price. I view 1 unit when they actually indicated their selling px on their whiteboard. The unit was sold in a day. No agent hanky-panky. LBNL, sellers must be realistic abt COV, I saw units asking for over 70K but unit in bad shape, how like that? I think present mkt is ard $35K to $45K. In singapore, you are protected by Law. Sellers no need agent, but if you are buyer then LL if unit you want already has agent. When dishonest agent look for sellers, they will say yr unit can fetch COV >60K, they make you sign exclusive agreement and ltr force you to close at much lower COV bcos they say yr reno no good, tis and that no good. Owners left with no choice & feeling desperate they sell cheap.
  4. I recall talking to agent last mth (before world cup) & they were asking for abt 70K COV for this 4 room Lor lew lian . They mentioned like Blk 40X were selling over 500K and that their unit is cheap. I tik this area is unknown to many younger folks. but is becoming popular of late, especially to singleppl who cant afford condo in Lor Chuan or minton. If Lor Chuan Scala's selling point is anything to talk abt, then Serangoo central + Lor lew lian area is definately better + MRT interchange. All HDB with MRT interchange (not many in spore - bishan, chinatown, jurong east, bouna vista coming soon) hv seen excellent px appreciation already. serangoon central is the cheapest of the lot. Did some1 say close gap in $$ terms - This cant be more true.
  5. COV 55K, I think MRT will push prices higher; they shd announce next year.
  6. Its the wire mesh between the staircase railings like what Boffi pointed out. It was secured at laternate floors. Anyway dun wori, that block very popular + these days not too many superman cases as braddell far away from IR.
  7. If you all are referring to Blk 116, then this is wat my ex-colleague used to tell me. This blk is the tallest in that area. Its breezy and good view. He told me the steel wire that they install ins strircase has a reason. Many years ago, his dad was smoking at the corridor when the lift door opened and he saw an unfamiliar lady walk out. She walked to the staircase and not long after he heard a "PUNG" sound. Guess what she did. Btw, the space is big enough even for someone like me & I have a 42" waistline. My hair stood and I almost bot the unit there.
  8. You ust be a very good property investor. Getting to buy low takes foresight and guts when mkt is down. U certainly have them. maybe you could gv some advise if now should buy or hold?
  9. If you wan to buy Potong pasir, go get a unit before the GE. You know wat i mean??
  10. I oso went to view a 3rm corner @ Waterloo, they were asking for 80K Cov when value already at $380K or smething. Its near the city and unblock view front & back. Wld you pay?? Well, there will always be some1 who wld cos I dun see they advertise anymore. everybody know that HDB valuation is based on px transacted in the area as # 1 consideration. If there is a unit already close at 400K, you can be pretty assured that yr unit valuation will nt be less than 400K - 5% (Say $380K), assuming within same floor and resonable condition (Not like a completely empty hse with bare cement floor and no cabinet that type) Then the whole story repeat again: Agent will say Valuation $380K, Owner looking at $430K, last offer 420K, anything above 425K, I can try for you. Sounds familiar?? If you desperate you will grap, becos if you dun then the next unit in market may ask for $450K!! Smetime the trick is to put 2 units in market 1 original yet px higher to make the real unit appear CHEAP. After this sold and you ask to view the other unit again, they will say unit ON HOLD, Owner not selling for the moment.
  11. I think estates which were previously less popular will see prices closing gap with the popular ones like AMK, Toa P. & Bishan. Everybody seems to be calling for buy, I think economy bullish, all logic gets thrown out of window. Btw, any1 tried the hor fun in Lor Lew Lian estate. I heard they turn down makansutra and recently I go view the 4 rm there the agent told me got chance SERS. Any comments. Can we sue agent for misrepresentation if no en-bloc after 3 yrs.
  12. It is overpriced. But all it takes for a few ppl with loads of cash to pay high COV to jack px up. E.g. For Tg Pagar 3 room, they were only 45 units sold fm july 09 till nw, yet px have gone up from 295K to 380K. So if location is good, all it takes is a small # of ppl to push px up and like we all know, which seller want to sell lower than yr neighbour in the opp blk?? last CNY, told my aunty I looking at Tg Pagar 3 room costing ard 290K++. She say I mad to pay so high for 3 room, today 300K can only get u 3 room in yishun 74X series. HDB are relatively stable, 4 Rm then 3 Rm will have strong demand in gd or bad times.
  13. Tat area is in Tg pagar, One of the hottest locations. Very rare... but 75K still a little high cos an 11th floor corner unit is asking 450K now. I heard open hse this Sunday
  14. Smetime is co-broke agent advertise. tampines many co-broke agent moving ard. I once saw a unit in blk 410 in sme website. the same weekend, i noted a similar unit in ST Classified. Managed to find out that both units are the same yet both claimed they are exclusive agents. I later found out that the website agent was lying. Their trick is after showing you the unit you enquire, they say that this unit they not exclusive, their exclusive is another unit. By that time, will be tricky if you want to deal with exclusive agent, since the dishonest agent was the 1 who brought you there. So what I do now is to get a fren to go see the unit 1st and cfm who is exclusive or maybe owner no exclusive at all and is marketing the unit herself!! Then i cme in later and deal with exclusive agent or better still with seller direct.