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  1. Hi, mind giving me the contact as well. Thanks~!
  2. Hi, can someone please PM my ah wei's contact? Thanks.
  3. Another one you might like to try is http://www.furnituresg.com.sg/
  4. No one else had any experience? All are panasonic and mitsubishi users?
  5. Ya, I know that other brands has the same thing, but LG has the seal of approval from British Allergy Foundation. My nose is sensitive and I think thsi is good. The aircon also has anti-bird flu function, which is not critical but interesting fact. This model also has the MPS inverter system with won the NEA distinction award for energy efficient. That's why I am keen.
  6. Anyone has any experience, good n bad with LG air con? Interested to get their system 3 inverter Health+ series. Thanks.
  7. I agree with using the curtain first. Any heavy curtains and material to recommend?
  8. I am also interested to know how much does the window cost? Alternatively, is using a heavy curtain useful? Or is there any other methods to minimise noise from outside? Thanks