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  1. Hi All Finally our Berry Floor is installed. We got it from Neon Creative, and we must say that we are satisfied with the result. Just wanna share our experience with Berry Floor from Neon. WE checked the goods before they installed them, and we could see the "MADE IN BELGIUM" and the date of production prints on each and every plank. We are happy that they looked authentic to us, and we believe in Berry Floor, as it's actually quite famous in Europe. The only thing is the skirting that they use isn't from Berry, but they use other product, we didn't mind though. They did a good job in installing the laminate. Not suggesting anything here, just sharing our encounter with Berry Floor from Neon. Because at the end of the day you'll have to make the best decision to your own opinion, just follow your heart. You don't have good feeling on one product? then just walk away, choose something else. Make sure you do your homework, do some research before deciding to spend your money on something. Neon also supplied and installed 1 wall panel for our bathroom which is waterproof and quite nice. Something different from just wall tiles. Overall, we are a satisfied customer Cheers and good luck to you all on your renovation
  2. Thanks. I agree with you that all this is just market differentiation by all the companies for practically the same product/effect. In fact, all those statistics are often under their own specifications and cannot be replicated otherwise, so we shouldn't really be bothered or just take it with a pinch of salt. Most importantly, as you mentioned, are just the 'right' price you have paid and that you are comfortable with what you got. The warranty/guarantee provided by whichever distributor(s) or importer, in my opinion, will be a pain in the a*se to claim anyhow; so we better hope that we are lucky & the installer does a decent job. Will feedback when I finally get the floor done next month. Cheers! ;P
  3. Hi Dr.Anarchy, My apologies for the late reply...preparing for house renovation is not as simple as I thought it would be...oh well... Anyway, I fell in love with Quick Step at the beginning. I called David from QS, he was very prefessional and patient in answering my questions, felt bad we didn't take up QS in the end. Then we Stumbled upon Berry Floor at the expo, were offered promotional price, but we decided to not make any impulsive call, I wanted to read more coz I still like QS very much. Found out that BF and QS are both from Belgium. Then finally my husband decided to go with Berry Floor as he was pleased with the quality demonstrated on the spot and technology (hydro plus = supposed to be stronger in the aspect of water resistant) that they offered, plus the "expo" price. We hope all goes well. But I still believe that QS is good quality product too... Regards
  4. Hi Titanax, Happened to purchase Berry floor laminate today and found out that this Mr. Kelvin Ong used to be with PORZIA. He asked me to let you know that if you have any inquiry with regards to PORZIA, you can contact him @ 85119899. Impressed by his sense of responsibility, even though he is not with PORZIA anymore. Cheers
  5. Hi people, We came across this company at Expo selling Berry Laminate Flooring and it is marketed by Neon Creative Concept. Did research on Berry (from Belgium) and it seems pretty decent and recognised worldwide. However, I cannot find any information on Neon Creative Concept (the local importer) and is quite apprehensive. Has anyone used either the product or the company and have any feedback? Looking forward to hear from all. Thanks! ayukoh